Friday, February 16, 2018

Weekend Wishes

{Holbert Trail South Mountain}

Happy Friday!
The weekend is here and I'm pretty happy about it. First of all, I'm super happy to finally find some time to blog. Lately, I feel as though I don't know if I'm coming or going. Life has been good, but busy with super busy kids! Second, I have some fun projects and activities planned. Lastly, it's my birthday weekend!!! Woo-hoo!

I have so much to blog about...hikes, volunteering, school dances, baseball, birthdays, college prep...the list goes on and on. Hopefully, I can get caught up next week. Maybe turning another year older will help me {magically} say no to some things and yes to things like...blogging!!

Since I like to celebrate my birthday by taking treats to others I may make these cupcakes and/or these cookies this weekend.  I also might go for a healthy snack and make these.  {The fabulous people in my cycle class may appreciate a healthier treat...or maybe not}.

I'm also working on some craft projects like this one. And I'm going to spend a morning cleaning up the trails of my beautiful mountain with these great peeps!

Although my birthday is not until Monday {which is a national holiday} I plan on celebrating all weekend long! A few birthday dinners, a hike or two, a glass of champagne or two...a kiss or two...all good stuff!

Happy weekend! May it be filled with lots of love and sunshine wishes!

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Weekend Wishes

Happy Friday!!

Let's just take a moment to acknowledge the strong, brave, intelligent people that are from the countries our leader referred to as "shit hole countries." 
(He doesn't even come close to their level of humanhood). 

OK. Now that I have that off my chest...
This weekend is all about learning and good books. 
I recently finished a fabulous book called Beartown. It is such a fabulous read!

Some of my other favorite reads:

Something to make you think and reflect:

All about learning...
There are a handful of classes 
I would like to take from the Desert Botanical Garden.  For example...

Great, right?! And here's the best for last...this one looks fabulous! I mean birds, wine, and a  February evening in Arizona. Outside! Doesn't get any better!

Disclaimer: I know I am a total nerd. I have come to the conclusion that I am odd. As I was driving out to Lost Dutchman Park today (to have a little hike with Mia) I realized I totally enjoy all of these snowbird activities. Give me nature walks! Give me historical speakers! Give me early bird dinners! (hahahaha)!

I'm happy to enter a weekend of learning, reading (and some baseball)!  
May your weekend be filled with a new book. A new class. A new discussion.
Cheers to happiness!

Monday, January 22, 2018


This weekend Randi and I marched. We held our heads high. We carried our signs. We smiled. We laughed. We cried. We were humbled and strengthened all within a few hours.

Women's March 2018 took place this past weekend on a beautiful, sunny Sunday. We took a Lyft to the capital and joined the roughly 20,000 moms, sisters, daughters, dads, brothers, sons, friends...human beings. 

One of the first things we saw was a large group of Native Americans. Some had driven hours to be there that morning. They performed beautiful dances wearing stunning costumes, but more importantly, they were there to have a voice. They were there to remind us of the large statistic of abused Native American women. They were there to educate and strengthen the rest of us. Some wore t-shirts with the words "I am not a mascot" printed on them.  Powerful.

{Side note - they are the only non-immigrants living in this country, yet they continue to have land taken from them and are grossly disrespected}.

It was such an incredible day. Everyone was warm and friendly. The crowd was filled with grandmas, students, men, women, Hispanics, African Americans, Muslims, LGBTQ, kids...kind souls everywhere you looked.

And the streets and park where people gathered were clean. As Randi and I were leaving we both commented how clean it was. Trash was in the trash cans. There were no signs, fliers, food wrappers, etc. thrown on the ground. Nice group of gatherers.

There were so many great signs. Some of my other favorites:

  • "Obama, when are you coming back? This babysitter is weird!"
  • "If my uterus could shoot out bullets it would have less regulations."
  • "My body my choice!"
  • A picture of Trump with the caption - "This could have been prevented with one condom."
  • "I would call Trump a c*nt - but he lacks depth and warmth."

And...the other side of my sign. Love is love. That's it. It all boils down to those three words.

I am so grateful for the freedom to participate, protest, resist. I'm even more grateful to have spent this experience with my beautiful, amazing daughter. She inspires me daily. She is a strong, brilliant woman and I am proud to call her my daughter and friend.

I'm a lover not a fighter...a middle child...always wanting to keep the waters calm. Sometimes it's hard for me to be vocal and tell people how I feel {especially if it differs from them}. I don't want to hurt their feelings or for them to think differently of me.
But. Enough is enough! I can't sit back any longer and politely smile while someone tells me how great Trump is or how we need to get immigrants out or how women just need to "suck it up" and get thicker skin. {My stomach turned while I typed that...imagine how I feel when someone is telling these things to my if I agree}.

Call me a snowflake. Say I wear my heart on my sleeve...a bleeding heart. It's true. I will own it.
You can also call me a strong woman. An educated woman. An empowered women.

"I am no longer accepting the things I cannot change. I am changing the things I cannot accept."

Wednesday, January 17, 2018


2018 back fantasy camp champions!!! coached by mark grace and steve randolph!

mr. c participated in his 7th {or 8th...we can't remember} camp last week. as always, it was a great week!  i only made it our for one full day {two games} and the championship game. cade ditched school and went out with me for the full day. both the kids left school early and came out to watch him win the title {for the second year in a row}!

my cute boys. they are both in their happiest of places!

this rockstar played unbelievably well. {i owe it to our tribe work outs}! it was probably his best year yet and he had very little aches and pains.

this kid has already asked if he can miss the entire week of school next year.
sure! as long as you don't have any absences leading up to it and your grades are good. :)

the final game was awesome. we went in to the bottom of the 9th down by one. mr. c hit a double and then ollie knocked a good one...bringing in two runs. we won! it was good baseball.

{however, randi - who loves the game - at one point leaned over and said, "this is a little painful for me to watch." she was referring to the old guys slowly rounding the bases}.

after the game, the kids went home and i stayed the night at the resort with mr. c. we attended the banquet and reunited with old friends. it was so much fun. this camp is a definite highlight every year!

Sunday, January 14, 2018

weekend wishes

{after school snack this week: soft pretzels}

happy weekend! 
i know, the weekend is almost over. but. it is a three day weekend, so technically...we still have a day to go! 
{i was busy friday and saturday watching mr. c play baseball at fantasy camp. i watched him play AND win the championship. yes, he is a rockstar}!

my wish for this weekend is kindness.
i have been trying to stay positive, but my heart has been heavy. 
each day i try my best to smile and be kind and polite to those i pass. it really isn't that hard. i let the person merge in to traffic ahead of me, i ask the sales creek how her day is going, i tell the police officer thank you, i smile and say hello to the stranger walking past me...little things. this is how i choose to live my life and it is the example i set for my children.  however, sometimes it is challenging when our president continues to spew hate.
this week he referred to the home of others as "shit hole countries" and he wants to keep them out {immigrants from haiti and african countries}. i really despise that man and i really struggle with the fact that he has supporters. he is a racist, sexist, bigot. i am still baffled at the fact that he is our leader.

so. i say let's be better than him! {which isn't hard}. 
shower the world with kindness. 
be the reason someone smiles today. 
be kind.


sidenote: i have only been on facebook for 17 months and today i deactivated my account. i was not gaining anything positive from it. instead, i would see a post or comment from someone supporting this president and defending what he says or stating that women just need to suck it up when it comes to the #metoo movement. i couldn't take it anymore. my pulse would quicken and i would get a little sick feeling. i would want to say something, but hate confrontation. i knew i would never change their minds and they for sure as hell won't change mine. the facebook world is not for me. {i actually tried to delete it, but they make it seem like it's the end of the world if you delete it...which should give us all cause to be concerned}!

Monday, January 8, 2018

monday + muffins

{banana chocolate chip muffins}

mondays and muffins go together like peanut butter and jelly. am i right?

it was a nice monday, but warm muffins in the afternoon make it even better.
as i tackled projects at home today, my thoughts kept going back to the overripe bananas on the counter and how happy my babies would be to come home to some scrumptious muffins. {and i was right. they were more than happy to fill their bellies with the sweet goodness}.

i managed to check a few things off the list today. working out, doctor's appointment, laundry...and finding volunteer projects for me and cade to do a few times a month. we found projects at an animal shelter, food bank, united way, youth center, and children's hospital.  we are ready to spread some love!

i also researched a white water rafting trip through the grand canyon. and wouldn't you know it? they have space in april. and it's extra cool because there is additional hiking throughout the trip!! cade got home while i was looking it up. i told him he should just go with me. skip school. this is a once in a lifetime experience! he reminded me that he doesn't have that many days left to miss. i {jokingly} suggested i just pull him out the last two months and home school him. the kid didn't even hesitate. he immediately said ok!  
since that is not going to happen...i will probably need to plan the trip for a future date. 
{i really, really want to do it}.

another reason monday was so nice? i woke up still on a high from oprah's fabulous speech at the golden globes. seriously. she could move mountains. she empowers me and makes me want to be better. she rocked only oprah can. now there is talk of her running for president. hhmmmm...i love her, but i'm not big on electing people to lead our country who do not have the experience of politics and law. the thought process of electing trump because he wasn't a politician was ignorant. {in my humble opinion}.  i want someone who has trained for the job. i believe she is brilliant and could run circles around trump, but i would need to hear her debate...hear her knowledge. i know she already has the passion. she would not just add another chapter to the history books. she would add a new book.  oprah 2020?? better than kanye!  {or - heaven help us - trump}!

Friday, January 5, 2018

weekend wishes

{my running path. i love how the trees perfectly reflect in the water}.
happy friday!
happy weekend!
happy first week of 2018!!!

the year is off to a fabulous start. nothing really out of the ordinary happened this week, but we are home and we are healthy and happy!

it was nice to get back to teaching my classes and working out with my trainer, but it was great to get my running legs back! i was able to hit the canal three times this week {and will do it again tomorrow}. my time is a little slower than when i left off, but it feels good. it is a definite happy zone for me.

this week i also tidied up my craft room and did a little organizing. in the process, i found four unfinished projects. four! guess what? i put those little projects right in the middle of my work table so i can get them done. the projects are: a cross stitch, some knitting, embroidery, and sewing.
i also bought a few things to help save space and stay organized. i found this fabulous thing and love it! {i got it during a daily deal, but i think you can find discount codes}.

this weekend will be filled with finishing projects! and running, cleaning, and watching some baseball. {cade has a game}. i would also like to try and make these homemade ding dongs.  i'm still searching recipes...this may not be the one.

i also hope to finish my book {bear town}. it is SO GOOD! i highly recommend it.

here's to a weekend full of happiness...and cleaning and organizing...and tiding up! may it be filled with checkmarks on to do lists and finding time to finish those projects!


ps - i made this santa fe chicken for dinner tonight. it was a hit!