Friday, August 10, 2018

weekend wishes

{randi circa 2012}

happy friday!
usually, i'm happy to have friday arrive.
but today? today i have mixed feelings.
this friday ushers in a weekend of changes. exciting, growing, wonderful changes!
and. changes that make me want to throw the covers over my head and cry. a little.

tomorrow at 6 AM we will move this sweet girl into her dorm. she is beyond excited. {rightly so}. i'm excited too. a part of me is even ready and anxious for her to go.
but. as i walk past her room and see all of her favorite things in boxes...
a little lump grows in my throat because i know this is the beginning of a new chapter and it will never be like it has been for the past 18 years. sure she will come home and we will still have laughs and dates and smiles, but she is an adult and will be making her own decisions and living on her own. 
i have been a little stressed and she has been driving me absolutely crazy, but now that we are hours away from the move...i find myself a little off...unsettled...excited and sad at the same time. {in fact, i am typing this as tears stream down my face}.

our home will be forever changed.

{cade circa 2009}

this weekend also brings changes for this darling boy. 
my baby will turn 14. FOURTEEN!

i'm not sure how this is even possible. he will be in high school in a year and driving in two years. in the blink of an eye i will be packing him up for college too.

he is taller than me and randi and wears bigger shoes than mr. c. 
he has my soul and always has time to shower me with hugs. always. 
oh, he drives me crazy too! but he and i are so much alike that i get him. i know why he drives me crazy. {it's the same things that drive me crazy about myself}!

raising these little cherubs has been the hardest and most rewarding job. i'm grateful they have made it fairly easy. i know i will never be done teaching, listening, and worrying...and some days i want to pull my hair out, but i wouldn't want to be doing anything else!

here's to a weekend full of changes...and embracing those changes {through tears and all}!!

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Happy Title

{me and my furry baby}.

the other day mr. c came home just as i was wrapping an apron around my waist.

"what are you doing?"

"getting ready to make homemade pretzels for an after school snack."

"oh. well, what else have you  been doing?"

"this morning i was at the gym and helped the girls with their classes and this afternoon i've been working on a birthday present for a friend."

he wrapped me in his arms, kissed my face and said, "you are just the giver of happiness!"

now that is a title i can live with!


Monday, August 6, 2018

first day of the last year

{cade and andrew. first day of school 2018}

my baby started his last year of middle school last week. eighth grade.

he had mixed feelings about going back to school. {not going to lie...i had mixed feelings too}. he was kind of excited to see his friends and be the oldest in the school, but he would still rather be home.
he told me would miss me {melt my heart}, miss mia, miss playing fort night, miss eating whenever he wants, and just miss home in general. {he is truly a kid after my own heart. he and i are such homebodies}.
however, he had a good first two days and likes his classes and teachers. {except p. e. he needs to be in a different class}.

it was strange only having one first day of school. only one to make breakfast for and one to get out of bed. one to buy school supplies for and only one school to deal with.
and only one meet the teacher night. which, by the way, we didn't attend. first time in 13 years i did not attend meet the teachers! cade really didn't want to go and after arguing all afternoon i decided he didn't really need to go. {of course, i also had mr. c and randi saying he didn't have to go. he's in 8th grade}! so i worked out with mr. c instead and took the kids for ice cream afterward.
{but i did email all of his teachers. introduced myself and made sure they knew how to contact me should they need to. i had to. it was killing me}.

i think it will be a good year. he has set some goals and agrees with the rules we have set in place. {homework and baseball training done before anything else}.

ok. one down. now we just need to get that oldest kid moved into her dorm and on with college!!

Friday, August 3, 2018

weekend wishes

happy friday! happy weekend!

"no one ever made a difference by being like everyone else." p.t. barnum

i wrote the above words on my "quote board" by the front door today. i thought it was appropriate as school is starting and we are beginning a new year and new adventures. 

it's hard, sometimes, to stand up and be your own person. it's much easier to follow the crowd. 
it's not nearly as much fun! 

it has taken me years, decades to be my own person and not worry about what everyone else thinks. 
it feels so good to be me!

i am so thankful my kids are confident and comfortable in their own skin. i love watching them grow and be true to themselves. {they are way more confident than i was at their ages}.

this weekend we will be getting any last minute school supplies {cade has already had two days of school} and packing up rand's room. 
i will also teach some classes and do some baking. {lots of happiness right there}!

here's to a weekend full of  preparation, love, laughter, and marching to your own drum! 
be different!


Wednesday, August 1, 2018

La Playa

about two weeks ago, mr. c and i headed across the border with 7 teenagers. SEVEN. five girls and two boys. and. we had a fabulous time!
we rented an awesome condo at las palomas. we were on the 14th floor with an incredible view and everyone had their space.

the whole idea of traveling to puerto penasco, mexico came to fruition because of these five beauties. they wanted to enjoy some time on the beach before they all went off to college. they decided i should be the parent that goes with them and i {as flattered as i was} decided mr. c needed to go with me. so we decided to make it a trip for everyone!

i had never been to this part of mexico. {about a 3.5-4 hour drive from the phoenix area} and mr. c had not been since he was a kid.
it was a very easy drive. we felt safe. the beach and water were beautiful. the resort/condo was nice. it was very inexpensive. but. a little boring.
i was fine. give me the beach and a book and i'm good to go for a few days. mr. c and the boys wanted some bigger waves and randi wanted some cute shops to walk to.  {the town is a typical border town...touristy junk}.
with all that said...
we would go back. i think there is more to see than what we saw. i would want to rent a house next time and do most of the cooking there. {we did a little in our condo, but not enough}. we would also look into renting a some fishing or paddle boarding or something!

i journeyed out on lovely runs every morning where i would find little creatures like this...

and lots of trash like this. i bet i picked up 7 bags worth of trash in a couple of days. i became angrier and angrier with every step i took. there are trash cans all along the beach, yet people are too stupid and lazy to throw away their trash! ugh! i'm getting mad all over again! honestly. don't pretend to enjoy the beach or outdoors if you can't be responsible and have a clue!

these two would hit the beach hard all day and crash early in the evening. i would say it was a thumb's up for them!
{picture was taken at pollo lucas. a great little shack with roasted chicken and homemade tortillas and beans and salsa}!

this man.
this man has a heart of gold and is the most generous person i know. he is caring, fun, and wants everyone to enjoy themselves and have a good time!
{unfortunately, he woke up the second night with a little "mexican flu" and was in bed for 24 hours}!

the best part about this great man is...
he's mine. and he loves me better than anyone else!

Friday, July 20, 2018

weekend wishes

{me and erma at flat iron. spring 2018}

happy friday and happy weekend!

"in the best of times, our days are numbered. so it would be a crime against nature for any generation to take the world crisis so solemnly that it put off enjoying those things for which we were designed in the first place: the opportunity to do good work, to enjoy friends, to fall in love, to hit a ball, and to bounce a baby." - Alistair Cooke

amen to that! although our president is an embarrassment and a disgrace and we can spend hours worrying about the future of this beautiful planet and the welfare of our children...we need to put that aside and LIVE! embrace this amazing life and do the things that bring smiles to our faces. life is too short. be happy.

i'm going to do exactly that this weekend!  
here's to a fabulous weekend full of smiles and doing the things that make our hearts swoon!


Wednesday, July 18, 2018

sugar and spice

we have this tree.  an apple tree. we have had it for years, but it had never produced fruit.
until. now.
this little tree of ours grew enough fruit to make FOUR apple pies! and i love apple pie!

with all of these apples...a little baking frenzy began. for two weeks i have been happily covered in flour and powdered sugar!

on fourth of july i made my second apple pie of the week and these decadent frosted sugar cookies.
{mr. c requested an apple pie and i was craving these cookies}.

it is such a rewarding feeling to get that pie crust down! it is the funnest part of the baking for me.
the little sticks are cinnamon sugar sticks made with the extra pie dough. {my nana used to do this}.

the gym where we train just opened their new location {which is FABULOUS}. i love the staff and wanted to celebrate them with a festive cake! {i had never done this "watercoloring" technique. it was fun to do, but still needs some work}.

this was my favorite cake to do! i wanted to celebrate randi and her bff {sarah} and their homecoming from summer adventures.  what better way to say "welcome home" than with a three layered chocolate cake topped with rose water flavored - frosted roses?!

my go to apron. it's not pretty or frilly or vintage {which i love}. but. i got it at a great little bakery in california when i was with randi and my mom a few years ago. it's comfy, worn in just the right places, and...the name. love.

but. i also love a little vintage number. especially when making apple pie! i have more aprons than i know what to do with and i can't part with a single one!!!  they make me about as happy as baking does!