Friday, September 22, 2017

Weekend {Autumn} Wishes

{Randi and Dylan...ready for homecoming 2017}

Autumn is in the air...
So is football...and homecoming...and pumpkin spice...and apple pie!

Earlier this week Randi was asked to homecoming by Dylan. She is very excited. Excited to go with friends. Excited for the dance.  Excited for her first event as Social Committee President.
The big event takes place tomorrow night and she is more than ready. Decorations are made. Dress has been bought. Dinner reservations made and picture location secured.

So...the weekend will be filled with homecoming readiness and lots of picture taking!

We may also spend some time cheering on the Sundevils tomorrow night and the Dbacks Sunday!!!

Cycle classes will also be apart of my weekend - as I am teaching both days!

And...I hope to find some fun gift ideas to make. {Getting ready for the holiday season}!

And...some Spanish studying will fill several hours. {I'm taking a Spanish class at a local community college and LOVE it}.

Happiest of weekends to you and happy first official day of Fall!!!
May it be filled with pumpkin spice wishes!

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Anything to stay home

{my student athlete of the month}

This kid.
This kid of mine wears me out. I think he has given me {almost} every gray hair on my head.
Don't get me wrong. He's a good kid and a good student. He was even selected as "Student Athlete of the Month" for September. He's cute, funny, caring, and very lovable.
He makes me crazy.
He is a mini tornado through the house.
Getting him to do homework is the absolute most challenging part of my day.
He is emotional. {can't imagine where he got that trait}!!
He is very social...sometimes too much!

He was sick this week. As usual it started Sunday evening. I say "as usual" because we all know he gets Monday-itis like nobody's business. He starts to get "sick" Sunday in preparation for Monday.
I made him go to school anyway. On the way to school he was taking pics of his throat saying he really didn't feel well.
Yeah, yeah. Heard this all before.
By noon, he was calling me from the nurse's office and said he thought he had strep. Ugh! So I picked him and took him to the doctor. No strep. Just a cold.
Well, that cold grew to have a fever. And. It lasted for two days.
I had to leave one morning to teach a class. When I got home he was sitting on the couch, fully dressed, eating his gourmet eggs. 
Ummm...are we going somewhere?
He said he thought we could go to the "Spirit Store". {Halloween store}. 
I did have some errands to run, so off we went. He was my little sidekick for the afternoon.
Later that evening I said, "I know it is WAY more fun staying home with me, but you have to go to school tomorrow."  He said, "OK, but what I start to feel bad?" I said, "well you can call me and I will talk to you down. You will be OK."
This morning he was dressed for school...walking around with the thermometer. He would put it in one ear then the other. Back and forth. Back and forth. I asked if he was going to keep doing it until he got the result he wanted?! He said it was high a few minutes ago, but he splashed cold water on his face and now it's down to normal.
I'm not kidding.

Oh my sweet Cade! He may drive me crazy, but I wouldn't want him any other way. He fills my heart with love and happiness.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Something in the air

Two mornings ago I stepped outside and something was different. The air was different. The smell was different. The chirping birds seemed to be chirping with smiles. Mia had an extra spring in her morning steps...
Fall. Fall is knocking at the door and I could not be more excited!!!
While most of the country is pulling out their jackets and sweaters, we Phoenicians are doing cartwheels over morning temps in the 70's...soon to be 60's. {Notice I said morning temps. Day time highs will still be in the 90's. But. We. Will. Take them}.

This means hikes are right around the corner. Awe...hikes. How I have missed them!

This means leaving doors and windows open. No more blasting a/c.
Cardigans can be worn over sundresses. {We can't stash the airy dresses away quite yet}.

One to two hour pilgrimages will be made to admire Mother Nature's wardrobe change.
{The fall leaves up north are breathtaking}.

I can start considering soups for dinner menus.

The aromas of apple pie, with all of it's cinnamon goodness, will be filling my home {and belly}.

Everyone from the grocery store clerk, to your neighbor, to the stranger in line will be talking about the weather..."This is what we wait for! We survive the summer for the next seven months! Did you go outside this morning?! It's beautiful!"

This weather makes everything right again.
Not that anything was wrong...but you know what I mean. It's a new start. New school year. New goals. New wardrobe {if you're lucky}. New projects. Good stuff.

This new "fall air" made me realize I have so much to document from the last month. Although the fall has brought on lots of new {and old} things for me and I feel busier than ever...I hope to slow down and focus on one thing at a time...things that make me happy...things that fill my heart with positivity, creativity, and productivity.

My day started with this quote {maybe it and the fall air has snapped me into action}:

“Most people don’t create great things in their day. They are too busy doing too many things at once. But true mastery (not to mention happiness) comes from not having too much to do. It comes from only having one thing to do. Just this one thing right here right now.”
-- Steve Chandler, Life Coach/Motivational Speaker

Happy, happy fall!!!

Friday, August 18, 2017

Weekend Wishes

{my babies at one of the baseball games we went to recently}.

Happy Friday!
It seems as though I run out of time to blog throughout the is zooming by me.

What's been happening...
We celebrated Cade turning the big 13! It was a fun day full of his favorite things. {I will post about it later, but good food, shopping, and baseball filled the day}!

We are in full school mode. Homework. Early mornings. Full evenings. {I have mixed feelings}.

Cade got to shadow a MLB writer. {Good friend, Steve Gilbert}. Again, I will post about it later.

Randi is attacking senior year and loving her role as Social Committee President!

PTSO - co chair of a really fun committee with a great fellow chair! {It will take up a bit of time, but fun time}!

Lately, it has taken me forever to finish books, but I finally finished Girl In The Water.  It was good and suspenseful. On to the next one...

I got prescriptions for progressive lenses!!! What? My baby becomes a teenager and I get progressives. Fair? I don't think so.
I haven't filled the order with new glasses...although I would probably see WAY better!

A Spanish class is officially in my cart at the local community college. Will I go through with it? Classes start next week!!

This weekend...
I have a cake order {for a one year old baby girl...three layers of pinkness}.

A volunteer training will fill an afternoon.

Morning temps are dropping...maybe a morning hike or run will happen?!

Kids are busy with activities.

As always, it will be a fun, busy weekend!!

Here's to a weekend full of love, laughter and happiness.

Friday, August 11, 2017

Weekend Wishes

This boy...
This boy will be turning 13 soon and we will celebrate him this weekend.

This boy who melted my heart before he was even born...entering the world with minutes after he was born.

This boy with his giant blue eyes always pulled my heart out of my chest as he would cry when I left him at pre-school, kindergarten, first grade...

This boy with his passion...once he gets something in his mind it is stuck there for quite some time. Take him to see a spider man movie and within minutes of being home...he becomes spider man.  

Some of his loves and passions over the years: 
bugs bunny {He made ears and a bunny tail and insisted on buying carrots with the green tops still attached}. 
garbage trucks {I can't tell you how many times I filled mini garbage cans around the house so the garbage man could pick them up.} 
snakes {See that net in the photo above? It has a snake in it. He even had a birthday party one year with a reptile guy. My living room was filled with scaly, slithering critters}. 
becoming almost every character in a movie we've seen...most recently - baby driver. {He walks around listening to music with his head phones}. 
fishing {This is an ongoing one}. 
cooking. {This is his latest and greatest}.

This boy, who tells everyone he was born in San Diego, loves the beach and is a natural surfer.

This boy could spend every moment outside playing ball.

This boy is a professional shopper {just like his dad}. He loves clothes, shoes, sports equipment...

This boy may have eyes of blue like his dad, but has my heart and soul. He wears his heart on his sleeve and never passes by the chance to snuggle or give me a hug.

I can't believe my baby is 13. {I told him it wasn't allowed to happen. Obviously, the universe didn't listen}. He is growing quickly. He is taller than mimi and will pass me soon. He almost has the same shoe size as Mr. C. This morning, he was very excited to tell me that he is bulking up and gaining weight.

You know that book, "I"ll Love You Forever"? I can't get through that book without bawling, but that's me. I will be the old mom climbing into his window and rocking him...
"I'll love you forever, I'll like you for always. As long as I'm living my baby you'll be."

Happy birthday sweet boy! Now, let's eat chocolate cake!

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Weekend Wishes

Ahhh...the weekend.
Let me catch my breath.
Let me take a moment to let it all sink in...

This week...

Randi started her senior year. Senior year!
She had a nice first day and was excited to wear her senior blazer. It was only 105 and 60% humidity, but by damn...she was wearing that well earned blazer!  Best news received on the first day? She was given the advisor she wanted for her senior thesis {her French teacher}.

Cade started 7th grade and is a few days away from turning 13. {I told him he wasn't allowed, but I have a feeling he will do it anyway}.  He is all boy and quickly becoming all teenager. I have a feeling he will put more grays on my head than I've had before! Nothing major...a little attitude here and there, girls, and worrying about clothes, shoes, sports...even hair! My sweet little boy is morphing and I'm not sure how I feel about it!

Back to school shopping {I adore school supplies} and attending curriculum nights has made me want to go back to school! {Yes...I was one of those who loved school}. So I {finally} dug out my Spanish Rosetta Stone and have been looking at a few classes at our community college. I'm not interested {at the moment} in obtaining another degree or even a grade for that matter...just wanting to learn.

Volunteering...somehow I got roped in to co-chairing the hospitality committee at Cade's school. Don't get me wrong, I love the committee...right up my ally...just not usually that involved in PTSO. I went from attending one meeting last year to co-chairing a committee! But, my co-chair is great and as long as I'm baking or organizing luncheons, etc...I'm a happy camper.

I have a few other commitments I am working on. I will divulge that information at a later date.

As sad as I am to have summer come to an end {I really wasn't ready}, it's always nice to get back to a routine...a schedule. Of course, that means the school year will start flying by. Before I know it I will have one in college and another in high school...and then one living on the other side of the country and one in college...somewhere. Exciting and a little sad...selfishly sad for me!

Okay, enough! One day at a time! Let's focus on the weekend, shall we?
The weekend has already started...
Last night, Randi and I saw the Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera exhibit at the Heard and then dinner at The Parlor. The rest of the weekend will be filled with relaxing, researching, good food, and maybe a movie!
Here's to a weekend full of learning and relaxing wishes!

*Above picture from our recent trip to Lake Pleasant.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Making a Difference

In less than 6 hours I get to wrap my arms around this beautiful girl. I get to squeeze her and love her and kiss her sweet face. To say I'm excited is an understatement.

She has been in India for two weeks with GLA {Global Leadership Adventures}. It is a Peace Corps type program for youth. {Fabulous program offering opportunities all over the world}. 
Along with falling in love with the country, she volunteered at a daycare majority of her a space smaller than her bedroom, with more than a dozen kids and very limited supplies. And they did not speak English. 

She took a few Hindi classes, along with photojournalism and culture classes. The emphasis of the program was journalism. She was able to spend time in homes of locals, interviewing them and learning about their way of life. When not volunteering, time was spent on a project. She made a documentary and presented it on their final day at home base.

She was the only student from Arizona in the program, but she made some life long friendships with others from around the globe.

On one of their final days, they had an India fun day. Earlier in the week they had visited a fabric store and tailor where they picked out colors and were fitted for a traditional Sari. At their fun day they learned how to tie them, received Henna tattoos, learned Bollywood dance, listened to traditional music and studied various other things about the culture.

Some other highlights:

  • visiting the Dalai Lama Temple
  • touring a rice farm where everything is organic and sustainable
  • the home base is in the Himalayas {she said, "we are literally staying in the clouds}!
  • visiting the Taj Mahal
  • lots of rain...big thunderstorms
  • liking traditional chai tea

I can't begin to express how proud I am. She had one little bout of homesickness in the beginning {normal}, but other than that...she soaked it all in and cannot wait to go back. She said she did not expect to fall so hard for the beautiful country and people.

I'm proud of her courage. She didn't know a soul, but she boarded that plane and made new friends. It was close to 30 hours of travel to Delhi...then an additional 7-8 to home base.

I'm proud of her heart. She embraced those around her. She loves the girls in her group...coming from all over the map. And...she loves the locals she met and worked, adults, all of them.
I know in my heart they must be good people too...because she is one of the greatest judges of character I know. She can see people for who they are and grows with them.  When I spoke to her on her last full day she said they were all crying and sad to leave. Everyone was sad to leave each other, but she said she was sad to leave the people in the village. She could snapchat her friends she made in the group, but not the locals that touched her heart.

She is a great human being and I can't wait to see what all she will offer this beautiful world of ours.

*Although she likes Indian food...she is craving Mexican food like there is tomorrow. Her homecoming dinner? Someburros. :)
{And home made cookies, of course}.

{view from her room}