Monday, March 26, 2018

Go Confidently

{a very confident kindergarten randi}

One of the greatest gifts we can give our kids is confidence. When we believe we can do anything...we can!  I grew up believing I could do whatever I set my mind to. I was taught I could achieve greatness. {Sometimes I may have had too much when I sang at a Chamber of Commerce Christmas party - when I'm not a singer and volunteered to play the piano for a church meeting when all I knew was the love theme from Romeo and Juliet}. 

So far, I seem to be successful in instilling this in my two little darlings. They do not seem to be lacking in the self esteem department. Randi has been sure of herself since day one. {Just look at this kindergarten picture. That is a self assured smile if I've ever seen one}! First day of preschool she gave me a hug and a wave and said "see ya later" while I stood there with tears rolling down my cheeks. Cade, however, cried almost every day I left him and would still rather stay home with me than go to school, but he can have a full on conversation with any sales clerk, bartender {yes, bartender}, administrator, coach, etc. He doesn't hesitate to ask if he is looking for something or needs some information. A few weeks ago, his school administrator called me and said he had Cade in his office because Cade was wondering what class he could take in replace of Spanish. Although it was mid-semester, he said he could indeed switch at the last quarter. Drama and Robotics were the only options available, so Cade decided to stick with Spanish, but he took it upon himself to assess the situation and see what his options were. It would have never dawned on him that he couldn't do that or they would tell him no.

Sometimes, I make my kids do things they would rather not do. Sometimes they have to speak in public and approach situations they are uncomfortable with, but they do it and feel stronger because of it. "It's going to make you a better person", I tell them. {I'm quite sure there have been lots of eye rolls and words under their breaths}.

They are both leaders and I hope they continue to grow in that direction. 
"Be a leader not a follower".

Cade sometimes will get down on his baseball team saying, "we are going to lose. The other team is better." I simply reply, "you're right. If that is how you are thinking - that is how you will play". {He doesn't appreciate my attitude. At all}. But. Positive thinking is crucial! I even use it while teaching. I'm always telling my class {as they have been sprinting in cycle for two minutes straight at a high gear with winded lungs and aching muscles} "you are awesome! you are strong!" {I'm sure some of them mumble a few words under their breaths too}!!

I've been thinking so much about our youth today and the bravery and confidence it takes to stand up for what they believe in. The marches for their lives over this past weekend {gun violence} were some of the biggest in history. Some of those youth spoke to gigantic crowds. Some of them are meeting with their elected officials. A lot of them are making a difference and they couldn't do it without a little confidence in their back pockets. I would be shaking in my boots if I were one of the NRA loving politicians. These kids are going to be voting in coming years, months, days. They have confidence and they don't like what they see. They will bring the change this country so desperately needs.

As my kids get older and begin new chapters in their lives, I hope {with every fiber of my soul} that I have given them the confidence to go after their dreams, the bravery to try new things and fight their fights, and the tools to make smart choices. 

"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams." - Thoreau

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Thoughts on a Tuesday

{a little bit of spring blossoming on this plant}.

Life has been a little busy lately, and I'm pretty sure it's only going to get busier until June.  End of the school year is crazier than the holidays! Plus, having a senior amplifies everything!!

Last week was spring break. Randi went to DC with her senior class {more on that later} and the rest of us hung here and enjoyed the weather. Cade did a little baseball and a lot of Fort Night. {His - and every other kid his age - latest obsession}. There were a few sleep overs where junk food and late nights were the norm.  We went to a Suns game {so different than they used to be} and an ASU baseball game {sunshine, green grass, cold beer and a hot dog...perfection}. It was a nice, mellow week. Just what we needed!

Random thoughts...

Hair. After chopping lots of inches off my hair a couple of weeks ago I can't stop thinking about going shorter! It's ridiculous how much time I put in to my hair...not doing my hair, but thinking about my hair. I have a pinterest board full of short styles. I have a few more weeks until my next appointment, so I have lots of time to continue thinking about it!

Sugar. I would really love to give up this sweet substance, but then I's too short!
Right? {I would still like to. Kind of}.

Spring. Today is the official first day of spring. It was a gorgeous day and I am ready for more! Bring on the 80's!! I am such a warm weather desert rat. I would cry if I woke up to snow this morning. Waking up to sunshine and birds singing is WAY better! I will take our 115 degree summer over those snowy, cold winters of other states.

Movies.  Recently we watched three great movies: Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri, Lady Bird, and Shape of Water. They are all fabulous! Shape of Water surprised me. I wasn't sure about it, but it is so good...worth every award it won!

Politics and the news. I'm sickened, saddened, and tired of it all. For decades I have been a Today show fan, and although I still love Savannah and Hoda - I can't stand Megyn Kelly. So. I watch 
I Love Lucy in the mornings. It makes me laugh and smile. I still peruse the newspaper as I watch Lucy, but I skim most of the articles. If anything starts out negative I skip right over it. It's almost exhausting to keep caring. I know that is the worst attitude to have, but things aren't changing.  No matter how many school shootings happen or how many lies the president tells, or how many women come out against him with sexual harassment charges...things stay the same. Everyone lies and cheats. I would rather focus on happy things like...

The lovely bird I have watched for the past week build a nest in our lemon tree - right outside our living room window. {Can you see the group of twigs up there}? After doing some research {in my handy dandy bird book} I think it's a warbler. I'm so excited! I love watching him/her {who builds the nest?} and the thought of having babies this spring makes me happy. Watching this bird work tirelessly building her home is way happier than watching our leaders in the news. Listening to the birds sing in the mornings as they feed from the feeder and the hummingbirds sit and drink outside my kitchen window is happiness. It's calming. It's positive. It's goodness.

One more thing...
Baking. Randi informed me the other day that I have not been baking very much lately and she would be leaving I should be baking for her! {She is really going to miss me when she is at school}!

With that said...I'm off to bake!

Friday, March 9, 2018

Weekend Wishes

"Best be yourself, imperial, plain, and true!" - Elizabeth Barrett Browning

I really am glad it's Friday.
And I'm super happy it's Spring Break Friday!!!!
{Cade may be a little more excited than me}.
I haven't been feeling well this week and finally went to the doctor today. {They almost had to take me as a new patient because it had been three years since my last visit. I am NEVER sick}.
But. This week I was.
Ugh! That explains the tightness in my chest, the difficulty breathing, and the yucky cough. Damn it.  Hopefully, with the z-pack and some steroids, I will feel good as new by tomorrow...or at least Sunday. I have things to do! I canceled most of my day on Wednesday and Thursday...thinking I could make it go away, but it was worse this morning. {I still taught today...probably not a good idea...thought I was going to die}!

I am happy for the weekend and happy to put these last two weeks behind me. {Honestly, I think I got sick because of all the negative energy I was surrounded by last week...dealing with an unpleasant teacher. It messed with my mo-jo. However, I had an awesome time at the TRIBE coach training over the weekend. Pictured above}.

Onward and upward!
I canceled my workouts for tomorrow. {Which kind of bums me out, but I'm not going to lie...I'm kind of excited about having zero obligations in the morning}. Instead, I will be doing a little pampering by getting a mani and then heading to baseball games!! Cade has games tomorrow evening and I get to go to a spring training game on Sunday {with one of my favorite people}. 
Baseball! Baseball! Baseball! Springtime in AZ is fabulous!

I may do a little shopping at two of my favorite boutiques {Bunky and Frances}. Although...trying to be mellow the last few days has lead me to do some online shopping. I got some cute stuff from Fire Daughter Clothing and Saturday Morning Pancakes.

Mostly this weekend, I'm looking forward to relaxing and feeling better...and to no school for a week!!!

Here's to a weekend full of love, relaxation, and feeling better! {And baseball, of course}!

Oh! I did keep one appointment while I was feeling cruddy. {Because when doesn't a new cut make you feel better}?! I chopped the locks! I got the bug and didn't hesitate. It feels good and I actually was able to donate. Yes, may hair was that long!

happy! happy!
love! love!

Friday, March 2, 2018

weekend wishes

{the mighty saguaro}

Thank goodness it's freaking Friday.
I don't very often have bad days, let alone bad weeks.
This was a week from hell.

It started with an email from a 7th grade science teacher on Monday and ended with phone calls with the 7th grade admin on Friday.
A lot of crap in the middle.
{Which means...there was no time for hiking}.

I won't bore you with the details, but let's just say a teacher and I were not seeing eye to eye about my 13 year old. Fortunately, the rest of the teachers all had very positive feedback. 
{We all had that teacher. The one we remember, but not in a good way. Right}?
The whole thing exhausted me.  
In between my dealings with this teacher I was at the school feeding the staff, baking 8 dozen cookies and 5 dozen muffins for Randi's school, teaching, volunteering at my happy place, and participating in a {very strenuous} training {for my fitness certification}. And...I came home yesterday to find my neighbor had hacked my lemon tree. Really. She is so paranoid about roof rats that she cut off unripened lemons from our tree. A lot of them. The damn rats are not going to eat those.
She received a lovely email from me.
{Seriously. All week I fired off emails. Blunt. Direct. Aggressive. I've come a long way}.

The week is behind me now. 
Moving on.

The weekend will be filled with more training. Although it's strenuous, I love it. It's me and a handful of kids {21-23 year olds}. They are great with tons of energy! We are all getting certified to coach TRIBE. It's awesome and I am completely addicted to it.

My reflections of the week...
Although it was hell. I'm grateful for my age, my experience, the ability to stand up for what I believe and communicate. This teacher did not even have the decency to reply to my emails. I was never mean. I was professional. I was supportive. But. I told the truth and called her out. 

Here's to a weekend full of love, happiness, and standing for what you believe. 
Speaking the truth. 
Living right.
Being the mighty saguaro!


PS - Now I'm off to catch up on some Grey's!

Monday, February 26, 2018

Hello Monday

Hello Monday.  Hello. Hello. Hello.
I would have really liked one more Sunday, but you came anyway!

This week I have to be extremely diligent with my time. I have over booked myself and am going in a few different directions... but it's all good. {At least that is what I keep telling myself}.

This marathon week comes at a time when we are all tired and too busy. Randi is fighting a bad cold and needs to finish her senior thesis, Cade has baseball every day and night {and a science fair project due this week}, Mr. C is always busy, and I am feeding staff at both schools this week and will end the week in a three day training {plus all the day in and day out stuff}.  And I'm sure there will be lots of homework thrown out there all week. 
OK. Since we are talking about homework...can I just say how much I dislike it?! I mean I really, really dislike it. We are too busy. Grades are good...let's just let it be. Nobody has time for that nonsense! {Not to mention I want to poke my eyes out during homework time with Cade. He would rather do anything else and frankly, so would I}!

I spent most of today cleaning. {Had to get that checked off my eternal long list for the week. I can't function if the house is not in order. I also can't function without a list...but that's a different post for another time}. At one point I realized I had not seen Miss Mia in a while. I called her name and she poked her head out from our bedroom pillows. {Cutest dog. Ever}.

OK. Wish me luck on feeding the masses, homework, sick baby, baseball, laundry, dinners, and on and on and on.

Happy Monday!

Friday, February 23, 2018

weekend wishes

{Flat Iron}

Happy Friday!!!

I'm exhausted and very glad it's Friday. {Now I only wish I could sleep in tomorrow}! 
It was another busy week...birthday, hikes, science fair project, homework, baseball, dinners, volunteering, laundry, teaching, workouts...on and on and on.

I'm not going to lie. I had a couple of {near} melt down moments where I just wanted to sit down and cry. And I probably would have if I had more time!!

There was a day or two where I was in a funk. Stressed and worried about work, baseball, relationships, and how was I going to fix it all. 

The state of our country doesn't help matters either. I have tried to avoid the news. I'm a daily newspaper reader, but lately I skim it. The best article I read the other day was everything you ever wanted to know about warthogs. Seriously. Best story in the entire paper. Everything else is depressing. There was another school shooting. 17 dead. It's not even shocking anymore. And, what's worse, it's not shocking to watch our leaders do NOTHING about it. The whole thing disgusts me.
This time.
This time our amazing youth stepped up to the mic and said, "listen to us! We demand change!" I have hope in our country because I believe in our youth. They will make a difference.

With all that said...
I did have lots of happiness this week too {besides having a birthday and doing a few hikes}.
There is a song by Luke Bryan called Most People Are Good. Randi sent it to me about a month ago because she knew I would like it. She was right.  Then, a few days ago, Cade and I were driving home. We were pulling in to the garage when the song came on. He turned up the radio and said, "oh, this is the song I was telling you about. I really like it. Don't turn the car off. Let's listen." So I sat there with my 13 year old and listened to the song again. I said, "yeah, it's a great song." And he replied, "I really like it and it talks about everything you believe. You know?"
Yup. I know.
I got a little lump in my throat and I had one of those little {triumphant} parent moments when you think, "I might actually be doing something right."

Here's to a weekend full of love and little triumphant moments.


For your listening and viewing pleasure.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Growing Up

A few weeks ago, Randi had a school dance. She got ready at her friend's house and I met them at the photo spot. I got there first. She arrived a few minutes later with her group of friends. She stepped out of the car and I held my breath. Where was my little girl? She was nowhere to be seen.
All of the sudden this beautiful young woman, laughing with her friends, approached me and said, "hi mom!" What? When did this happen?
{I'm not going to lie. I cried all the way home that afternoon}.

She is such an amazing girl with a great group of friends.

{randi and dylan}

And a very sweet boyfriend.
{Seriously. Even as I type this and see the pictures again I am in awe of the beautiful young woman she is}. 
{randi and cecilia}

This is, by far, my favorite picture. A genuine laugh between friends.

{randi and sarah}
These two. She and Sarah have been best friends since freshman year. They are hilarious. They are always laughing and "yelling" at each other during's a miracle I got a good one!

Senior year is flying by. She is always on the go...soaking up every minute of her last year of high school. It's very exciting and a little sad. She gets more and more independent every day. She is more than ready to spread her wings. My heart is full of pride and I'm anxious for her wings to fly because I can't wait to see what she does and where she goes...but my heart is also a little sad...wanting to hold on to that little girl...wanting her to have time for me. I know. Selfish. But. I'm a mom. Can't I be a little selfish?

My babies are growing up. They are teenagers now. Their needs are greater and less...all at the same time. These teen years wear me out much more than those toddler years.
I worry more.
I love more.
I stress more.
I laugh more.
I love and hate the fact they are growing up.
But more than anything...I am proud of these kids who are growing up right before me.
{Regardless of how many gray hairs they give me}!