Friday, November 3, 2017

weekend wishes

wednesday morning i woke up to kisses on my cheek and mr. c whispering, "happy anniversary. i love you and i would marry you all over again".
14 years later and i think we are both more in love than ever...and that is the most wonderful feeling in the world.
we spent our evening working out together in our tribe class and eating espo's at home while watching game 7 of the world series!! it was perfect. {bummer the dodgers lost, but it was still exciting to see the astros win and share their excitement}!

the rest of my week was blissful.
halloween came and went without much commotion. things definitely change as the kids get older. randi went with a friend to take her nephew trick or treating and cade dressed up and tried to scare kids as they came to our house for candy. he had a few friends over and they laughed, scared kids and behaved like 12/13 year old boys.

all of my fitness classes went well and spanish class was great, as always.
{i am loving being back in much, i am tossing around the idea of going to grad school}!!

my mom and i watched randi in her senior class play: the odyssey. it was condensed and given a modern twist. interesting.

this weekend will consist of: a friend's surprise birthday party, studying spanish, playing with my new cricut, reading, maybe a hike in this beautiful weather, maybe some baking...something with apples...

happy weekend! may it be filled with kisses and loving whispers.

Monday, October 30, 2017

Glimpses of Senior Year

{homecoming 2017}

{last home game. senior night}
my baby girl is almost half way through her senior year.
she's busy.
she's stressed.
she's happy.
she's thriving.

as president of the social committee, she is in her element with planning dances, events, meetings. she gets giddy with excitement when she talks about homecoming, winter formal, prom...giddy!
i love how organized she is. {we share a passion for planners}.
i love her excitement and desire to make things just right.

however, senior year isn't all rainbows and unicorns.
she has her classes. {her school is all honors. no choices. you sink or swim}.
she has her senior thesis which she will have to defend before a panel this spring.
she has college apps. {however, she has already been accepted to the Walter Cronkite school at asu and is super excited to attend}.
she has a job {that she likes}.
and a very active social life. {ok. more rainbows and unicorns}.

it's fun to watch her grow into such an amazing young woman. i marvel at her daily.
and. i'm so glad, even with her busy life, she takes time to hang with me.
my dates with her make my heart and soul smile.

Saturday, October 28, 2017

weekend wished

no. it's not a typo.
the weekend is more than halfway over.
it's a weekend wished.

last week was one of those weeks.
monday started with a dentist appointment {new crown} and dropping a full glass bottle of milk in the kitchen...
wednesday began with teaching two classes in the morning, catering a teacher dinner, participating in an intense fit class with mr. c, cleaning up said catered dinner, and baking 4 dozen cupcakes. {laundry, breakfast, packed lunches, dinner in between}.
i also had a spanish test {got a 94}, made about 85 teacher treats, and taught three more classes throughout the week.
friday came and i was spent.
i read a fabulous book and finished it on saturday. {the nightingale}

what did i wish for this weekend?
baseball watching.
time with mr. c
time with my babies.
so far i have relaxed, read, watched the dodgers lose and win, spent my morning and evening with mr. c, had a coffee date with randi, and a lovely walk with mia and cade.

here's to a weekend wished with lots of relaxing moments.
{so far so good}.

{teacher treats}

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

tell it like it is

two nights ago i may have had a little too much grape juice.
and by grape juice - i mean wine.
nothing crazy. just sitting home with mr. c...enjoying our sunday evening.

i made the mistake of perusing facebook.
and. of course, there was a post i didn't agree with.
and. of course, i had some liquid courage to post a comment.
again, nothing crazy. {even with liquid courage - i can't bring myself to be mean or rude}.

when i looked at it again the next morning, i still completely disagreed with her post and completely agreed with my comment...which got me thinking...
why did i need a couple of glasses of wine to say what i was thinking? i should always tell it like it is.
mr. c does.
of course sometimes i cringe when he does, but he does nonetheless. {i often tell him, "your message is right, but your delivery is way off}.
i never hesitate to compliment a stranger or start up a conversation with that said stranger. {my kids think i'm nuts, but i tell them it's good to have friends everywhere you go plus...people are fascinating. i like people. usually. i'm not too crazy about mean people}.
but it's always a little harder for me to tell it like it is when it comes to the not so fun stuff. i don't want to argue or even disagree. i'm a "make love not war" kind of gal.

i adore "i love lucy". there is an episode where they bet lucy she cannot go 24 hours without telling a little white lie. that means she has to tell her real age, reveal her true hair color, tell her friend what she really thinks of her hat, tell another friend what she thinks of her new home decor, etc., etc.
she said it was refreshing. it felt good! she liked it. {until the end of course...when her shenanigans happened}.

so...maybe this will be something to work on. i shouldn't be afraid to express my opinion when it is in disagreement with someone. tell it like it is!

{like...sometimes i pay someone to clean my home even though i like to think i can do it all. and sometimes i let my kids skip school just because i want to hang out with them...and i think it's just fine. and i treat my dog like the third baby i so desperately wanted and have anxiety over leaving her on trips. and i absolutely cannot understand how some people support and believe in the things they do. honestly, it makes me think differently of people. therefore, i try to not know! i don't think much goodness comes from organized religion. i think all human beings should be treated equally. i think a person can love whomever they choose. i think a woman should have the ultimate control and CHOICE over her body. i think...this feels good...}

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

being a sports writer

several months ago, mr. c won an experience to spend the day with steve gilbert, d'back sports writer.
steve is a good family friend and a great friend to cade, therefore, we thought it would be a fun evening for cade. {and it happened to be just days after his 13th birthday}.

since he had to be at the stadium by three, we picked him up early from school and got him all checked in at the stadium.  {mr. c and i hung out at the cantina while we waited for the gates to open}.

he got to hang out and talk with several of the players...including our pitcher, robbie ray.

he spent time watching batting practice and checking out the club house. 
{and all the cool equipment}.

during the game, he spent his time in the press box with steve and the other reporters. he thought it was pretty cool. he loved seeing everything the writer's do. {especially getting free ice cream}!

steve was awesome with him and let him relish in the full experience of being a sports writer. i am so grateful to have such wonderful friends in our lives...friends that love my kids !

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

a night with harry

saturday night.
just randi, harry, and me.
oh yeah. and a few other thousand females.

harry is a former one direction boy. {and happens to be my favorite one}.
after the band broke up, he ventured out on his own. his music is great and he is darling. absolutely darling. {part of what makes him darling? he worked in a bakery with cute, old ladies before becoming famous}. randi has been in love with him for years. six to be exact. i know this because several times she said, "do you realize he has been in my life for six years? i have been in love with him for 6 years!"

the evening was quite an experience. show started at 8. doors opened at 7. however.
we had to leave our house by 5.
we were eating sushi by 5:45 and walking to the theater by 6:45...only to find the doors open and
a mob of girls crowding the entry way.
we were in line for merchandise just before 7 and remained in that lovely line for well over an hour.
that's right. we stood in line visiting with new friends...FOREVER!
but. we got the goods!

while standing in line, i noticed lots and lots of people with these hearts in their grips. to my daughter's dismay i asked what they were and why didn't we get one. i was told they were a fan project.
what's a fan project you ask?
well, some very dedicated fans cut out all of these hearts and hand wrote quotes by harry on all of them. more were being passed out when we got to our seats, so randi got one. {there had to have been thousands of them}.
ok. not only did fans make these, but they also {somehow} orchestrated it so everyone held them up at the same time!!! During two specific songs the hearts went up with flashlights from their phones behind was a sea of glowing hearts.

harry was adorable.
honestly, all he had to do was stand on that stage with his music playing behind him...the girls sang {loudly} every word to every song. he could just stand there and do a hip wiggle every once in a while and they would have been happy.  fans were screaming, singing, crying...deliriously happy.
he is all about kindness and being who you are. several times he said he wanted everyone to have fun and be who you want to be. at one point, he had each of us hug a stranger. post embrace he said, "didn't that feel good? it did, didn't it?" {in his cute british accent}.

it was a fun night. sushi, cute boy, good songs, and my sweet girl by my side.


Saturday, October 14, 2017

weekend wishes

happy weekend!
early yesterday morning, i ventured out to my beloved mountain. due to the heat, i had not been there since july. in august, they had closed the main road for some construction projects and was set to reopen late october/ late fall.
this is what it looked like yesterday morning.
they will be lucky if it's done by christmas!
i could still walk to the trail heads, however, they have torn down the restrooms and ramadas.

because i had two cups of coffee {and needed the restrooms} and i had a class to teach later that morning...i made it a short hike...just wanted to check things out.
it was still beautiful.
i still got to see little quail running from shrub to shrub and happy fellow hikers taking in the morning tranquility.
i found myself thinking, "why the construction? the previous bathrooms and ramada were fine. there was seldom a line. they were clean and functioning. why the change?"
i was kind of annoyed.
change is always a pain...regardless of how life changing it is. this is a minor change in my world. and once completed, i'm sure it will be great. but. the process is a bit inconvenient. so...i just have to look at the positive. for example, with the road closed...i get to hike an extra 1-2 miles to and from the trail head! {and the trails will be less crowded}. making changes work in your favor is all about the perception!

recently, my local grocery store did a huge remodel. the aisles were filled with frustrated customers looking for their items. shoppers at the end of their ropes because the yogurt is not where it has always been. as i was checking out, the clerk mindlessly asked, "find everything ok?"
"well, yes. i had to look a little bit extra, but i found it. i really like the remodel. the flow makes more sense". he stopped mid-scan. "you are the first person who has said anything positive!"
i just smiled and told him people will come around. we humans are awful when it comes to change!

ok. i'm rambling a bit, but these were the thoughts floating through my head as i was getting annoyed over the fact that i was slightly inconvenienced on my mountain.
change is a pain in the butt, but it's a necessary part of life if we want to grow and develop. so our grocery shopping may take a little extra time until we learn where everything is and maybe i limit my coffee before hiking my's a small price to pay for new and improved things!

happy weekend! may it be filled with new trails and accepting changes!