Thursday, August 14, 2008

And Baby Makes Three....

On June 1st, 2008 My brother and sister-in-law welcomed a beautiful, little angel to the world. He was a little early and, therefore, had to spend some time in the NICU...but, he is strong now! They asked me to be with them when he was born. I was thrilled! And, when they called I was getting ready to go see "Sex and the City" I was dressed for the occasion in my Carrie Bradshaw attire! It was truly the most amazing thing and I am so grateful they shared that experience with me.
I took this picture the other night, when they came over for C's birthday dinner. I wanted C in the picture too...but, he had more important things to do! R is such a proud cousin! They both love baby E!!!

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keep calm and carry on said...

OMG he is adorable! Look at all his hair! So cute!!!!