Thursday, August 21, 2008

Be Prepared

I have become completely engrossed with a family I do not even know. I read about them in the paper this week. Stephanie and Christian were in a plane crash a few days ago. The third person (a flight instructor) in the crash did not make it. Stephanie and Christian live in AZ with their four children. They are currently spending their days in a burn unit, in critical condition...her more so than him. Her sister is keeping updates on her blog ( Her attitude and spirit are awesome! She has so much love for her sister and family. Stephanie's blog is fabulous too. As I look at her pictures and read her blogs, not only can I tell how much she loves her children and how much she is in love with her husband, but you get the feeling that she is so genuine and would be an instant friend. It's strange how much these people have been on my mind...people I have never met. And, it has made me want to blog more and take pictures more and love can all be gone so fast. Stephanie had just thrown a back to school dinner for her kids. There were crowns, decorations, and ribbons with "Be Prepared" written on them. Ironic isn't it? She and her husband crashed just days later. Her sister says in her blog that even Stephanie's house was prepared for visitors...visitors she didn't know she would have. And by keeping her blog, she prepared her loved ones with a journal of her days and life. Something for them to have in this time of make them laugh...and to release some tears. When you step back and take a look at really is a small world and we can touch each other's lives in so many ways. We can even change the life of a stranger. I am counting my blessings even more so these days...and I hope to "live, laugh, and love" each day to the fullest.

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keep calm and carry on said...

Oh Mindy, great outlook again! They have been on my mind as well. Our prayers are with their family!!!