Monday, August 4, 2008

First Day of School!!!

Well, summer is officially over! It was a bitter sweet morning as R headed off to 3rd grade. C was so distraught over losing his sister for the day - he wouldn't even get dressed! However, R was very excited! She looked darling in her new dress and shoes. She doesn't have her "best" friends in her class, however, she has two very nice girls she had in her 1st grade class. Her teacher is nice and loves anything that sparkles (like R)! I think she will have a great 1st day (and C will survive too)!
I also had (along with my two fabulous girlfriends) our annual "back to school" breakfast. Chris and Nellie joined me for quiche and fruit. We laughed, sang, talked and learned some blogging 101 from Nellie. You guys are the best and I adore you!!!

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Chris said...

Love u Sister!! Thanks again!