Thursday, August 28, 2008

Happy Birthday Mimi!

Today is the day to celebrate a wonderful that I am extremely grateful for. She is beautiful, talented, fun and genuine. She is also hard headed, opinionated, and believes in the motto, "my way or the highway"! She is one of the strongest individuals I know and has endured great challenges with dignity and grace. She has been an amazing example to me and has "shown me the way" numerous times in my life. This fabulous person is my mom. I could not be more grateful for her...she is an inspiration to me...a blessing to me. My mom is an awesome Mimi to my children...they adore her. She is the truest of friends and brightens all of our days. Happy Birthday Mom! I love you!


keep calm and carry on said...

Happy Birthday Mimi!!! You inspire me too!

keep calm and carry on said...

That video is HILARIOUS!!!!!!