Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Judge Me Not, Dear Reader

"Do not judge others...we are all equal." I heard these words so often growing up. It was an important lesson my mother taught me and one that I repeatedly tell my children. I have prided myself in practicing this teaching. That is, until now. You see, I think I may have (inadvertently) hurt some one's feelings because of some things I said in a blog (see "Never, Never Land"). I would never intentionally hurt anyone...and those of you who know me, know that. Just as those who know this person (which I don't) know how she truly is. I made comments on the perception of what I I was reviewing a book or movie. However, I forgot one important thing...there is a real person with real feelings behind that blog. For that, I am truly sorry. In my blog, I carried on (a little) about the seemingly perfect life of this individual. The funny thing is, I have no room to all! When I was talking to my younger (and much wiser) brother about it, he started laughing. He informed that when he and his wife (my fabulous sister-in-law) were reading my blog she said, "if someone didn't know Mindy, they would think she has a perfect life." Ha! That is absolutely hysterical to me...however, I get the point...thank you. I mean, hell, I channel (or at least try) June Cleaver (sad, but true)! If I could wear pearls with my cute vintage aprons all day, while waiting for my darling children and husband to get home...oh, so happy I would be! I mean really! You know that email that has been floating around for a while...the article from a 1950's magazine about "how to be a good housewife"? I received it (again) the other day and while I was reading it I thought, "well, I do that...and that...and what's so bad about that?" (You can stop laughing now.) I didn't know whether to laugh at myself or cry! All that said, again, I am truly sorry if I ever offend anyone. It is never my intention. The world is so much smaller than we think. I will, from this day forward, remember that these blogs are attached to people...real people with real feelings.

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