Friday, August 22, 2008

Life with a little boy...

As we were waiting for R's bus this morning, C decided he needed to get wet...and the sprinklers. Poor Jack reluctantly joined in (I don't think he had much choice). He proceeded to cover them both in mud and water. This is actually a typical day in the life with C. He does things R would never dream of doing. As I was watching him this morning, I started thinking of my favorite C moments and thought I better jot them I never forget what an ANGEL he is!
When he was about 2, I could hear him in my craft room. I thought he was playing with the dollhouse. However, when I walked in he was up on the work counter...naked as a jay bird...covered in glitter! He had emptied 18 little glitter bottles. It was a very sparkly room! When I yelled out his name, he didn't even flinch...he just asked me to turn the TV on!
About a year later, he did the same thing...only with flour. We had been making cookies. While the cookies were baking, I left the kitchen to finish some laundry. As I was coming down the hall (heading back towards the kitchen), I noticed little white foot prints. The little toes lead me to a construction site. He had all of his trucks and tractors scooping up the flour! The entire container had been dumped on the floor!
Probably my favorite C story happened on a shopping trip with my mom. We were at DSW - shoe shopping. We were lucky enough to have C helping us! C was "assisting" my mom with her shoe selection and I was on the next aisle - perusing the sale rack. My mom came over to me and said (while chewing some gum), "what kind of gum did you give him?" I looked at her puzzled and said, "I didn't give him any gum." A half second later we realized he had found the (already chewed) gum somewhere and gave it to my mom!!! She said that C had come up to her and said, "here Mimi - I don't like this gum" and she just popped it in her mouth! I have never laughed so, I was a little grossed out!
C has had the misfortune of being in the ER twice this summer. He was born with gastroschisis and, therefore, had 2 surgeries in his abdominal area when he was born. He's fine now, however, some of the scar tissue has caused a little pain and possible obstructions. He is such a trooper about the whole thing...until he starts feeling better...then those little horns come out. The last time we were there, we had been there for about 8 hours, with an IV in his arm and no food or drinks, when he decided he was done. He started yelling, "This place is stupid!" Nurses were walking by laughing. Then he began pulling at his IV. When I told him he needed to calm down and leave the IV alone, he sat up asked for, no demanded, some goldfish crackers. I, very softly (I mean, this is my poor, sick baby) told him that he cannot have anything to eat or drink. He then looked at me with those big baby blues and said, "Well, shit"!!! R about died! "Mom, are you going to let him say those things?" By this point, I was going on 24 hours of no sleep and simply said, "Yes, I am. And if you had a day like his - it would be OK too".
And lastly...last week R had a friend over. The girls were out in the pool when C decided he needed to join them. At the same time, the little girl's mom showed up. We were watching the kids swim and just as I was saying how surprised I was that C had left his shorts they went. The next thing I know the girls are screaming and yelling, "C's peeing on us"! I stuck my head out the door and yelled back, "C - stop peeing on the girls"! The other mom started laughing and said, "I bet that's a sentence you never thought you would say before"! No, and I'm sure there will be many more!

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