Wednesday, September 3, 2008

It's not like the original...but nothing ever is!

I have a deep, dark secret. I am (a little bit) obsessed with Beverly Hills 90210. There is not an episode I haven't least twice. Since the show began (in the early 90's), I have been right there...every Wednesday night. Of course, if I couldn't be there to watch it - I simply recorded it. You remember that don't you? You actually had to stick a VHS video into the VCR and hope you programmed it correctly. The TV show ran for several years...starting with the ever so wholesome Brandon and Brenda moving from Minnesota to Beverly Hills. The final episode (around 2003) brought all of us (the pathetic followers) to tears as Donna and David were a romantic, teary ceremony. But, no need to shed a tear now that it's over, you can actually watch reruns on the Soap Network...every afternoon. Or, you can come over to my house because I have them all recorded (another sad confession). Now, years later...they have actually brought the series back. When I heard the news, I couldn't believe it! They could never make it as good...ever! I mean, it was an award winning show! (However, those who doled out the awards always seem to have missed them.) I swore I wouldn't watch the remake. I would not give in! But, then I heard that Kelly would be back (as a high school counselor) and Brenda would be making some guest appearance...and maybe, just maybe Donna would be back. If I watched it long enough, maybe the whole gang would be back! That would be fabulous! Life would make sense again! So, my weakness got the best of me. I was preoccupied (with my darling children) at the time of the debut. But, I didn't fret! I just recorded it...this time I didn't have to find a big ol' tape...I just used that handy DVR. Hours later, I snuggled up and became engrossed with the show. There was similar theme music, same high school, and the same California footage. The show even started with Annie and Dixon (brother and sister) moving from Kansas to WBH (that's, West Beverly High). Dixon goes straight to journalism class (sound familiar), and guess who is there? Hanna Zuckerman Vasquez (Andrea's daughter)! Plus, one of the main characters is Erin Silver (the sister of Kelly and David). But, now she is all grown up and only answers to Silver. And...Kelly and Brenda are really on the show!!! I'm just wondering who the father is of Kelly's baby...could it be Dylan? OK. So, it's not the same...but, pretty close. There was still some wholesomeness and lots of teenage drama and problems. I'll admit was good. But, can they make it run through all of their high school years, college years, post college years, and so on? Hhhmmm....we'll see!

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