Friday, September 5, 2008

Poop, Poop, and More Poop!

It's official. I'm destined to be surrounded by poop. It all started a few months ago when C started have tummy problems. The troubles are stemmed from his earlier surgeries (he was born with gastroschisis). Turns out, he gets EXTREMELY constipated. Therefore, we have to give him Miralax and watch his fluid intake. And therefore, I am in constant watch of his daily poop schedule! (I know, it's a fun job!) Then, my sweet little nephew started having poop problems and I received a couple of calls (from his concerned parents) wondering what to do. And finally...we got this dog...who eats poop! (I will spare you the details...let's just say yesterday was unforgettably disgusting for me!) But, that was is a new I thought. The morning started off well enough. Everyone in my household opened their eyes and hopped out of bed in seemingly good moods. There was a (long awaited) coolness in the air. It was so nice out that after R caught the bus C, Jack and I went out back to play in the sandbox. Well, because of our scorching summer heat (you would be doing a fire dance if you stepped foot on that sand), the sandbox had been abandoned. Not only had it been abandoned, it had been left uncovered. So, guess what I found as my little boy and puppy were getting ready to pounce in the sand? More POOP!!! Damn cats! I spent a good ten minutes scooping out poop. I have to laugh at the whole situation..what else can I do. Some people are destined to be surrounded by flowers, food, fabulous clothes...but, not me! I get poop! : )

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MelancholySmile said...

Thanks for your sweet comments and for adding me to your blog roll.

I too, noticed the cool air in the morning. It's much appreciated after the long, hot summer! And it's as close to 'fall' as we get around here. :)