Monday, October 20, 2008

A Big "Dog Puddle" & Fresh Squeezed OJ

It was one of those days. Not a bad day...just the kind that make my question my sanity. No, four year old makes me question my sanity. As we were rushing out the door for preschool (we are always rushing), the conversation went like this: C: Uh-oh! Mooommm Jack peeeed! Me: Ugh! Where? Did you actually see him? C: In the piano room. Yes, I saw him. Now, the piano room is one of the only carpeted rooms in the house and Jack had not had any accidents there in a while (I think he's finally learning). And, I have to ask if C actually saw him pee - because sometimes he just flings it out there. I think he enjoys seeing me get fired up. As I'm standing in front of the puddle: Me: Wow...that's a big puddle! I take two steps towards the laundry room to get the cleaning stuff - when it sinks in. Me: Ummm...that's a big puddle for Jack. Did you pee on the floor? DID YOU PEE ON OUR FLOOR??? C: a cute, little smirk and a nod yes. Me: UGH!!! I can't believe you did that? Why? I was in such shock and disbelief, I realized later that I didn't really discipline him...just yelled and asked "why, why, why"! As I was making dinner, I ran to the garage to get something and heard a loud crash - coming from the kitchen. C was climbing on shelves, cupboards, etc. and knocked over a full container of barley. R was already cleaning it up as I walked in (she is so good). Then C proceeded to sit on the counter...watching me cook...telling me how delicious it looked. (Only four and he knows how to brown nose!) As we sat down to eat C said, "Mom, you're the best cooker ever!"'s not over. After dinner, C grabbed a handful of orange slices and headed for the couch. I told him to be careful...not to get any on the couch. Famous last words, right? Within two minutes that child had squeezed oranges on the couch and was standing there (on the tile floor) squeezing the oranges - in an Incredible Hulk like pose. I was beside myself. Furious! Wanting to cry...and scream. But again I just talked to him (although my tone was much louder this time): Me: Why would you do that? You completely disobeyed me! C: But, I love you. And...I said you were the best cooker...ever. Well. OK then.

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keep calm and carry on said...

that little stinker! he makes up for it with those eyes tho :) what a good helper R is!
and... you ARE the best cooker ever.