Thursday, October 2, 2008

Tricked Again!

Dear darling daughter,
When you woke up yesterday morning, complaining of a sore throat AND an ear ache - I immediately set you up on the couch with pillows, blankets, and cartoons. There would be no school for you! This was rare because you are never sick. I knew...if you were complaining about not feeling was serious. Plus, if you stayed home, you would be missing your talent show in music class and a play date after, I figured you must really be sick to miss all of that!
As the morning wore miraculously started feeling better! By the time we got home from taking C to afternoon preschool - you were feeling no pain. We had a whole afternoon to ourselves...just the girls! Although, you would remind me every once in a while that your throat was kind of sore...I think you were fine. And, as you walked down the hallway - towards the craft room, with a plate of (yummy) banana/chocolate chip cake in your hand - yelling to me, "Hurry mom! There's a new challenge on Project Runway! We can watch it while we do crafts!"...I thought to myself, "thank you". Thank you for tricking me into letting you stay home! Thank you for being such a wonderful, kind spirited daughter. Thank you for secretly wanting to spend the day with me (and part of it with your little brother). Thank you for making me laugh and for being SO strong willed and independent. Thank you for being so thoughtful and for being a good girl. Thank you for this fabulous bag you made me last night (while we were sewing and watching Project Runway). Thank you for being YOU.
I love you sweet girl!

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keep calm and carry on said...

Ohhhhhh. you made me teary AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!! great job on the bag R!!!!!!!!!