Thursday, October 23, 2008

Loving Fall

I love this time of year. Love. Love. Love! Although there are many fabulous things about are few of my favorites:
The wonderful, swing coats, scarves, and adorable hats. (Now, if I just lived somewhere to thoroughly enjoy these delightful gems!) Does my model looked thrilled to be working for me?!
Orange, white, bumpy, happy, scary, carved...pumpkins! This year, I found these fun pumpkins. Guess what they are called? Fairytale Pumpkins! I have to love them...for the name alone!
Beautiful leaves...falling to the ground. (Check out the photos my friend, Nellie, took of fall leaves...the photography website to the right.)
Decorations. After the holiday decor lull of summer, it is so fun to head to the attic and bring down all of the fall items to liven up the house.
Football season...high school or college ball specifically. It brings back great memories!
And...fall turns winter...which brings us the beautiful holiday season!


keep calm and carry on said...

thanks for the plug! love your halloween display. that is a great pic of C running down the path. missed you today!

sixwinks said...

did u make the sign? soooo cute!!!