Monday, October 27, 2008

My Head is Spinning

As much as I love this time of year, it also makes me crazy...and it's my own damn fault! I tend to get consumed with the kid's parties, cooking, costumes, pumpkins, making sure we do all the fun activities...all while obsessing over the orderliness of my house (I'm a bit of a neat freak...obsessive/compulsive...sick, sick, sick!)
Thoughts that are bouncing around in my head this evening:
1.) Get my 1920's Flapper costume made. Now, I am a novice seamstress...very, this is quite a task.
2.) Make sure C and R have everything needed for their costumes. Shoes? What should C wear on his feet???
3.) Make treat bags for both classes.
4.) Make the ooey, gooey, "feel the slime and gunk" box for the classes.
5.) Make sure I have enough decorations for the class did I get sucked into being "party mom" for both classes? Oh, wait a second! That's it...I can't say "no"!
6.) Get the pumpkins carved. I mean, have the kids "carve" the pumpkins...and have lots of fun!
7.) Find time to take the kids to the fair. We've never done the state fair. It will be an experience...if anything!
8.) Determine what type of salad to make for teacher conferences on Wednesday. A salad to serve 50-60 people...hhmmm....
9.) Find the time to figure out how to work my new fancy schmancy camera...and how to get my nice, new photos onto my blog!
10.) Make Mr. C his anniversary present...which is on Saturday. What am I going to wear Saturday night?
11.) Prepare myself on all propositions. Fill out my sample ballot - so, I can be ready to rock-n-roll next Tuesday!
12.) Find time to do mine and R's nails. Find some smokin' red lipstick to go with my flapper dress.
13.) Get the basket ready (of donated items) for the upcoming silent auction and boutique at C's school. Deadline is Monday.
14.) Maintain my laughter. Amen!

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sixwinks said...

oh i feel the same way!!! glad i'm not the only one!