Friday, October 17, 2008

The Sheriff of Nottingham

As I began my lovely morning, I thought to myself...what am I going to write about today? Nothing new and exciting had happened in the last 24 hours (except my trainer made me so sore yesterday - I am literally in pain as I sit here). But, never fear...all I need to do is open the morning paper. Our public officials are always up to something fabulous! Front page of the AZ Republic...Sheriff Joe Arpaio! The crazed man has struck again! This time the power hungry sheriff of our village raided Mesa City Hall...Raided Mesa City Hall! As the story goes, a former employee had given a tip that the city was using a cleaning service - which hired illegal immigrants. This tip was called into the hotline (yes, there is actually an illegal immigrant hotline) back in May. I know...why attack now...5 months later...hhmmm... Anyway, after a little investigation the tip/report was filed away. Until last night, that is. At approximately 2 AM, about 60 deputies and posse members raided the city library and city hall. They were wearing bullet proof vests and were armed with semi-automatics. They were described as wearing "battle gear". I'm not making any of this up...seriously, I was in disbelief as my eyes and brain absorbed the words of this article. So, it went down like this. The 60 (give or take a few) followers of this ego maniac leader met in the park. Some city officers came across them (not knowing what was going on). Could you imagine being in that park - even being a city officer in that park and coming across 60 armed, misled soldiers? But, the city officers were informed this was not their business. The crazy crew than proceeded to fan out amongst the buildings and capture those wicked, evil law breakers. They might even catch them in the act of vacuuming or scrubbing a toilet (gasp)! Those poor people were probably scared silly. I would be. Imagine, if you will...trying to earn a paycheck. And that means living in another country, not speaking the language, and emptying trash cans in the middle of the night. And then, one are invaded. Mad men storm into the building you are cleaning. They are yelling and carrying big, mighty guns...telling you to get down. How would you feel. Now, don't get me wrong, I know something needs to be done about illegal immigration...but, is this really the answer? As, I finished reading the article (in utter disbelief), I couldn't help but think of the old Disney cartoon, Robin Hood. That's it! Sheriff Arpaio is the Sheriff of Notthingham! Can you picture the cartoon character? Remember? His ego is bigger than his head, he is evil and pompous...and very power hungry. Sheriff of Maricopa and Sheriff of in the same.

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