Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Today I had a much needed lunch with my sisters. We do not share the same family tree, but nonetheless, they are my sisters. With only two brothers, I have never experienced having sisters. Although, my younger brother has, at times, been a girlfriend to me...my mom has been a best girlfriend to me...even Mr. C. has been a fabulous girlfriend (he has a sense of style and interior design that would make you green with envy). But, if I was given sisters, I would want them to be just like these two fabulous ladies!
We spent much of the afternoon eating, drinking and talking. Talking about everything. Politics, women's rights, photography, tennis, kids...life. We each have different views...different thoughts...different opinions. But, never once did one of us judge. There was great respect floating across that table. Republican, Democrat...McCain, Obama...prochoice, prolife...adoption...same sex marriage...We covered it all. We didn't agree with everything...but, we respected everything.
These two sisters are intelligent, creative, hard-working, fabulous women. I am in awe of them and gain inspiration from each of their differing souls. They are moms, wives, friends, and sisters...and I am so grateful they are in this world with me.


keep calm and carry on said...

I am so grateful for you and for the wonderful afternoon too!

sixwinks said...

She is great to have around!