Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Tuesdays with C

My poor little guy. When the weather starts to drop...his allergies flare up...and in turn, his asthma (brought on by allergies) is awful. It hit him Sunday night. He and I were up all night...he was trying to breathe and I was trying to fix it. The following 24 hours were spent giving him breathing treatments. He is a champ when it comes to sticking the little cupped mask over his face and breathing...he's done it for a few years now. When it gets really bad - he will even ask for "his breathing".
By Tuesday, he was almost back to his old, sweet self...almost. The morning was a little rough. But, other than one melt down, he just snuggled up and watched "Little Bear". Since he was content, I had time to work on these little fall pumpkins. (My mother's are much cuter. She actually had a bag of real pumpkin stems she had saved just for these handmade pumpkins...who does that???)
Morning rolled into afternoon and I knew he was feeling better. When I went to check on him our conversation went like this:
Me: Ummm, C...why do you have an egg.
C: He's my friend.
Me: OK. If you accidentally drop your friend - it will make a huge mess.
C: It's OK. I'm holding him reeeaaal tight.
Me: That's what I'm afraid of.
C: I've got an idea! How about I make him a bed in a cup?
Me: How about we boil your friend - then he won't make a mess if you accidentally drop him?
C: Haaa! You mean he won't break?! OK!
He then decided we needed to use the other eggs to make a cake! A strawberry one! (The kid likes strawberries!) However, once again...I only had bananas. So, we proceeded to make a banana/chocolate chip cake with cream cheese frosting (it is quite scrumptious)! And, Sissy got home just in time to help us...and lick the bowl!

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keep calm and carry on said...

what a good mommy you are. i love the way your pumpkins turned out. I like the leaves on top.