Thursday, October 16, 2008

Wacky Wednesdays

There is a Dr. Seuss story titled "Wacky Wednesdays". When R was younger, she would have me read it EVERY night. She loved spying all of the wacky things in the pictures. As I tucked her in last night (with her big chapter book), I thought of my day...and immediately thought of that story...I had a Wacky Wednesday indeed! It all started yesterday morning. When I rolled out of bed about 5am to go on a run...I decided it was much too dark to head out, therefore, would wait until after R left for school (putting C in the stroller). Just as C and I were leaving, the phone rang. It was R. She was requesting a different pair of shoes. The ones she was wearing hurt. (She obviously has not learned the rule...if they are cute and match your outfit - you suck it up!) So, the trip to the school became my running path. It was very nice. The weather was cool and there were lots of cheery people out walking. After dropping off the shoes, we played on the playground for a while...swinging super high! On our return home, C decided we (or he) needed to collect ALL the trash he saw. At first I was annoyed because he continually wanted to stop. However, after I realized just how much he had collected I was very impressed with my environmental savvy four year old. (OK - I know he wasn't thinking he was saving the planet...he just liked picking up the trash...but, I can pretend!) Before long, people were admiring his garbage collecting skills. People would pass by praising him...calling him a "good doobie". And, finally a nice lady came running up behind us with a bag of carrots asking C if he wanted to see the bulls. Bulls? Heck yeah he wants to see the bulls! She walked over to the irrigation ditch and started calling the bulls. "Here bulls! Here bulls! Come on babies!" A few seconds later three enormous bulls emerged from the brush. She introduced us to the daddy, mommy, and baby bull...literally. C loved it! How great could this morning be??!! By the time we arrived home, the stroller was FULL of trash! And, it was all recyclable! He was so proud...he wanted to keep it all. However, I convinced him I would take a picture (which he could keep) and he could put it all in the big blue recycle bin...all by himself. My Wednesdays are always a little off kilter because of C and R's schedules. R has a half day (every Wednesday). She is getting out about the time C starts. So, I shuffle between schools and then get her to piano lessons. I end up with little pockets of time here and there. After piano, R and I had about an hour to kill before getting C. And after that we had BIG plans. We were going to meet my sister in law and her sweet baby at the Botanical Gardens to visit the wonderful butterfly pavilion. We were all very excited! During our hour of free time - R and I ran to a beauty supply check out some nail polish (exciting stuff). I was pleasantly perusing the OPI rack...trying to pick out a fun fall color...when I heard the sales ladies saying, "look at that car!" Well, I immediately tuned them out...frankly I didn't care about some car. Then, R is tapping me on the shoulder telling me that a security guard was checking out our car. Still...I didn't think anything of it...maybe he was just admiring it! While I was checking out I nonchalantly asked the sales lady what car they were talking about and what was wrong. She pointed to MY car and said it was "smoking like crazy and all this water gushed from under neath it". I paid and walked out to the car. She had to be exaggerating. There didn't seem to be anything wrong with it now. Besides, I had things to do...pick up my son and go to the gardens. Just as I was getting in my car, a different sales lady came running out saying, "you can't drive that car!" She informed me that I could "burn it up" if I drove off. OK. OK. OK. I called my mom (thankfully she was in the area). She picked us up and headed to C's school. During the drive I called Mr. C and informed him of the ordeal. He said, "OK. What are you doing about the car situation?" I replied, "um, I'm calling you." So, I called AAA and the dealership. My mom dropped me and the kiddos off at the car...where we waited for Mr. C and the tow truck. The kids were happy though. The beauty store was right next to Target. I know C was thinking this was the best day ever...he got to pick up trash, stare a bull in the eye, and now...he gets popcorn and a coke from Target! WOW! As I was driving back home (we had to go to Mr. C's office to get me a truck to drive) I thought, well, at least I put dinner on in the crock pot (because I thought I would be having fun...frolicking at the gardens). With my luck the dinner would be charred...but, we arrived to a nice aroma...dinner was ready. The night ended well enough. We watched the the kids in bed...and wrapped up in each other's arms...wondering what adventures we would get to have tomorrow...

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