Thursday, November 13, 2008

And a Grand Fair it Was

A few weeks ago, Mr C and I took our two little darlins' to the state fair. We had never done this and we were not too sure what we were getting ourselves in to. But, it sounded like fun...and regardless of how clean it was...the kids would love it. So, on a Wednesday afternoon, we ventured off to downtown Phoenix...and experienced the fair!
We were pleasantly surprised. It was very clean and very fun! R's big brown eyes and C's baby blues were as big as saucers as they took in all of the sights...literally running from one booth to the next. There were many highlights. We saw the world's largest steer...smallest horse...ate snow cones...and saw our funny faces turn even funnier in the House of Mirrors! C's favorite ride was the Super Slide. You could hear him giggling the whole way down!
R...not so much!
R, on the other hand, loved the ride that spun you a very high the dark! We had the pleasure of riding it twice. Thank goodness we did not consume any of those yummy looking fried foods!
R and C each won two prizes. All on their own! They were sacred trophies...truly sacred.
They were silly on the carousel...
soaked on the log ride... crazy drivers on the bumper cars... giggling on the ferris wheel... and just happy to be there!

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Chris said...

I love all of your photography and writing Mindy!! I feel like I went to the fair!