Friday, November 21, 2008

The Girl Wore Jeans

Randi has not worn a pair of jeans since she was three years old. She does not like them...and would not even try them matter how much I begged. But, as the weather is getting are her legs! While we were shopping the other day, I convinced her to try some on. And, lo and behold...she LOVED them! (Go was actually right!) We walked out of the store with two pair and this was her 3rd day wearing jeans this week!!!
We celebrated with chocolate chip pancakes. (OK - we really didn't celebrate, but - they are her favorite and I thought it was a nice way to end the week!)
It was also "Hat Day" at school. She wanted to wear my black beret that I bought in Paris (15 years ago)..because she is infatuated with Paris and begs me to take her...I told her maybe when she is 16...or 18...and she has to know the language!

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Trisha said...

Do you have to be so freaking cute? You and your adorable kids!!