Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Proud to be an American

Wasn't yesterday a memorable day? A great day?
I had so many highs...
  • Mr. C voted!!! We went to the polls together (and didn't even have to wait in line). I finished before him - because he was still on the fence on the presidential candidate. When he finally emerged, I was so full of pride for him! Even though we didn't pick the same candidate, I was so excited that he participated in this incredible process. I wanted to do cartwheels out of the polling station! (He thought I was a little too excited!)
  • He then spent the entire rest of the day with me! We celebrated by having an all-American lunch at...Dos Gringos! Nothing says election day like "Taco Tuesday"! We then returned home, where we became couch potatoes...glued to the TV...watching everything unfold. What an amazing process. Elections have always been very important to me. I remember receiving voter registration information in my high school graduation was a HUGE thing for me...a way to exercise my free agency...something my mom felt very strongly about. My first election was 1992...this was my 5th election. Anyway, it was fun watching and experiencing it all with Mr. C. We mostly agreed on things...and of course, talked about how things should be done (if we ruled the world).
  • Another high...watching Anderson Cooper all night. How can you not love him? Plus, the technology...did you see the holograms? It was something straight out of the Jetsons or cool!
  • Listening to R tell us all about her "kid's vote" process at school. She was so into it. It was awesome to hear her talk about the candidates and the bonds. She had to go to bed before we knew who the new president was...she kept telling me to be sure and tell her "right when she wakes up".
  • Watching Senator McCain. His concession speech was awesome! He had such dignity and grace. As tears rolled down my cheeks, I found a new respect for this American hero.
  • Speaking of aunt ran in her first election. She bravely competed in the most heated race in Graham County. Not only is she strong and brave, she is intelligent and warm. One can not walk away from her without a smiling heart. The last I heard, she was winning...but, it had not been called.
  • President elect soul was warm and happy watching him walk out in Grant Park with his darling family. His speech was inspiring...moving...something to never forget. I found myself crying, smiling...and applauding.
  • The people of this country. It was moving to witness the energy...the smiles...the togetherness that seemed to be spreading across this great land.
  • And finally, as I tip-toed in to check on my sleeping babes I heard a little voice. "Do we know yet? Who our president is?" I smiled and told her, "I want you to always remember this moment...when you are eight years old...history was made. An incredible man has become our president...the first African American. The world is changing...for the good. Goodnight. I love you." Ceilings are crashing. I'm so excited to see what the future brings...what my children will see...the choices they will be able to make...

Now, unfortunately, there were a couple of lows...

  • Sheriff Arpaio is still our sheriff. How? Why?
  • Prop 102 passed (the definition of marriage). Not only did it pass, a similar one passed in CA. I'm so disappointed in the voters on this issue...we still have some minds to open.
  • The boos yelled out during McCain's incredible speech. Although McCain handled it well...the crowd did not make themselves look good. A sore loser is flattering on no one.

Whether your candidates won or lost...whether your propositions passed or failed...I hope you woke up this morning feeling good...feeling proud...feeling inspired...and ready to work together to make this great nation even greater!

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The Bookout Family said...

YOu said it all. Jayden and Jordyn were so disappointed that their school voted for McCain. We talked about what the future has in store for them, and I hope they too remember this very eventful moment in history... I agree on changing minds on Prop 102. Just remember it is better to have dignity when doing this. When people realize my family their eyes open WIDE and their mouths drop to the ground!!! In time, hopefully in our children's future they will see the world and our country an even better place.... Thanks for your AWESOME support....