Sunday, November 2, 2008

Trick or Treat

Friday was a Halloween party marathon. Fun, fun, fun! I woke up (very excited), dressed in my flapper costume (yes, I finished it) donned some fabulous red lipstick, and headed to wake R from her deep slumber. She (slowly) came to, rubbed her eyes, looked at me and said, "Mom. You are not going to my school like that!" Laughing I said, "honey, not only am I going to your school like this...but, I'm going to tell everyone I'm your mom!" She just gave me a sheepish grin.
Her parade and party started at 8:15. It was fun being in her classroom...nice group of kids. And, although I was the only mom dressed up...I think she was glad I was there.
After being there for a few hours, I headed home to get C ready for his afternoon party. By the time I started partying with 18 four year olds, I was slowly losing my "Halloween High". But, I rallied and had lots of fun with his class too. They were quite a bit more leery of my monster slime, eyeballs, and worms than the 3rd graders...but, a few put on their brave face and felt the scary goo!
We were finally home...the flapper, race car driver, and jeanie. We only had a little time to rest before the fun started all over again. As soon as Mr. C got home I asked him to please take my picture - so, I could disrobe my costume. (I couldn't last the rest of the night in fishnets!)
I made some yummy, apple - chicken chili for the kiddos decked out in their duds...lit the jack-o-lanterns...and we were ready to go!
Mr. C took them around for the first half - while I handed out candy...and then we switched. It was a pretty quiet night...but, the kids got lots of candy and were ready to call it a night by 7:30.
Another fun Halloween behind us....


sixwinks said...

They look adorable! Love them! She is the prettist Jenie I've ever seen! And you are an adorable flapper girl, you missed your years!

keep calm and carry on said...

how fun! love the flapper. did you make it? you are soooo talented! happy halloween r and c!!!!