Sunday, November 2, 2008

Warm and Fuzzy

Do you want to make your heart smile? Make your soul feel good? Grab your daughter or girlfriend, head over to your nearest movie theater and see High School Musical 3. R and I just danced and sang our way out of AMC. It is sweet, innocent, and fun. The music was great and the choreography was fabulous! I laughed, cried...and smiled...a lot. And, that Zac Efron is darling! So cute!
Now, step away from your computer and go see it. It will make you feel good! You will find yourself clapping at the end. (Although, when we saw it, I was the only one applauding. Why doesn't anyone do that anymore?)
(My disclaimer upon recommending this movie...I loved high school. I love musicals. I love happy, feel good movies...and I cry...easily.)

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keep calm and carry on said...

thanks for disclaimer. i was scared for a minute! hahahahaha jk.