Monday, November 3, 2008

Wedding Crashers

Saturday, Mr. C and I celebrated our anniversary. We didn't have much planned. In fact, I thought I would be lucky to get a card. I had made him a book (which turned out very cute and he loved)! But, I had told him not to do anything...there was nothing I needed. A nice little love note and romantic dinner would have been perfect.
So, the morning was normal enough. He headed to the office. I de-halloweened the house and pushed myself to the gym...toting my two little, sugar high, darlings with me. Mr. C and I had agreed to meet around noon. We would have lunch and take the kids to a new, indoor jumping play area. He beat us home. I arrived sweaty, hungry, and carrying an arm load of political junk mail (which I started ranting and raving about the minute I walked in the door). He was relaxing (playing it cool) - watching a ball game. The first thing I noticed was a beautiful bouquet of tulips...with a bottle of our favorite red and a card propped up against it. That right there was enough for me to tear up and smother him with kisses. But, there was more...
After kissing his sweet lips, I walked into our bathroom, where I found shopping bags hanging from my closet door. Shopping bags from my favorite stores!!! Now, the flood gate was really open. Before even opening it - I ran back into him - and smothered on more kisses. Upon which he told me to "go open it"! By this time R had joined me. She was thoroughly confused by the whole thing. "Why are you crying? You don't see me crying at Christmas!" OK - she has a point...but, he is just too good to me! Inside the beautiful bags I found...a darling dress...fabulous bracelet and matching necklace...a beautiful black wrap...and...incredible, sparkly diamond studs!

Oh! Be still my heart! He really is too good to me. Now, remember, I'm a sap...tender heart. Therefore, I could not stop crying! When I (finally) got all dressed and ready (he beat me by several minutes)...I walked out to join him. He looked at me and said, "look at you, you're a princess." Yes, I was...and he was my prince charming.

We kissed the kiddos goodbye and escaped! We first stopped by my parent's house. They were having a 1930's dinner party (got the idea from "a cup of jo"...see on my blog list). Although, we were not dressed the part, we wanted to stop by for hellos and cocktails - before making our dinner reservations. It was fun to see them all dressed in the proper attire...very cute! From there we headed to the Valley Ho, where we were to have dinner. When we arrived, they had some bubbly waiting for us. Isn't there something just so fun about champagne? Mr. C doesn't really care for it...but, we each finished about half a glass before moving on to a beautiful bottle of Duckhorn Merlot (our favorite).

After a wonderful meal (with impeccable service), we decided we really needed to visit the rooftop...take in the view. There was just one little problem. A private wedding reception was taking place up there. However, we were told they should be wrapping things up...we shouldn't have any problems. (Plus, Mr. C obtained the name of the wedding party...should we need it.!) So, we ventured up there. Walked right in. Paid for two beers. And, stood in the back..enjoying the ambiance. There were a few party stragglers still there...and they were having lots of fun! After about 10-15 minutes, Mr. C told me to watch the bride. He said, "they're going to tell us to leave". No way, I thought. Well, sure intoxicated attendee staggered over to us.

Drunk guy: Hey, you guys have a smoke?

Mr. C: Sorry, we don't smoke.

Drunk guy: So, who do you know here?

Mr. C: Nobody.

Drunk guy: Well then, get the f**k out of here!

Mr. C: Hey, this is our 5th anniversary. We just came up here to enjoy the view. We're not bothering anyone. You need to apologize.

Drunk guy: Dude, I'm sorry. She just told me to tell you guys to leave. (Tail goes between the legs at this point.)

Mr. C: We'll leave, but tell the bride our story...

Me: (because, I have to add my two cents!) She's going to have a long road ahead of her with that attitude!

Drunk guy: Dude, I know. My buddy just married her. I'm leaving for JFK tomorrow.

And with that...we left.

So, we are now, crashers! As we headed home, Mr. C could tell I was stewing about getting busted by the bride. He said, "it was her wedding". I know...but, I wouldn't have cared if two total strangers appeared at the tail end of our reception...right?

The night was wonderful. And just when I thought it couldn't get any better...he parked at a greenbelt near our house...and we danced beneath the lampposts...and sang to Jason Mraz. And my heart melted...

Once again, I found myself falling deeper and deeper in love with this man...

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keep calm and carry on said...

oh M what can i say! go mr. C!! you rock!!! VERY well written Mrs. C!!!! Isn't the valley ho the best?? we are going to a wedding there this weekend! You should totally crash again!! love the dress and accesories. you know i heart that mr. mraz too!!!!!