Monday, December 8, 2008

A Christmas Pageant

Last night, my two little angelic creatures performed in the annual Christmas Pageant at our church. Randi was a towns person with a speaking part. She was very excited. She new all the songs, spoke her line perfectly...and performed with gusto. Cade, on the other hand, has been declaring for weeks that he does not want to be an angel. However, he always seemed to have fun at, I thought he would be fine. Ha! The melt down took place as soon as we walked into the church. He became permanently affixed to Mr. C's chest...crying...burying his face...saying "I don't want to be an angel". I told him he wasn't really an angel, he was just pretending to be one. Nothing worked. His Sunday School teachers tried coaxing him. Innocent bystanders tried coaxing him. Nothing. Then I tried the unthinkable. I bribed an angel. I told him I would take him to the store tomorrow and let him get a treat...if he would just do this. And, not just any store...Toys R Us! However, I struck out. I lost. I carried him back to our seats where Mr. C, Mimi and Papa were waiting. After pouting on daddy's lap for 10 minutes he decided that he really did want to do it. I didn't hesitate for a second. I snatched my child up and ran back to join the rest of the miniature angels. As I handed him off to the teachers he made some demands. "I only want to walk with the boys and I don't want to wear the wings or that thing on my head." So, I had the only wing-less, halo-less angel up there...but, he was there...and by the time it was over...he had fun. And, he doesn't have to be an angel ever again. Well, maybe not until next year!


Trisha said...

Too funny!! That IS such a Preston or Mason thing to do!! It's terrible when bribery does not work huh? They are both angels though!!

keep calm and carry on said...

ha! thats hilarious. sounds like my kids!