Thursday, December 18, 2008

Girl's Night

Dear Randi, Last night we had a girl's night. Just you and me. And, I loved it! We usually go to the Nutcracker this time of year...however, I dragged my feet and didn't buy tickets. After doing some checking I found some seats still available, but I decided to give you the option. (Because I know it is not really your favorite thing to just happily go along because you know I love it and you just want to be together...I love you for that!) After much thought (and making sure you would not hurt my feelings), you picked dinner and a movie. Perfect! But, there was just one problem. You still needed to add some finishing touches on your poetry project...that was due today. This little dilemma put us in a time crunch. You wanted to have dinner at Kobe...a great Japanese place that takes a little longer than the average dinner. Therefore, we would miss all of the early movie times. Finally, after great debate, I decided we could catch a later movie time. It wouldn't kill you to be up a little later...on a school night. Right? Well, our dinner was even ate sushi with me...and liked it! However, the restaurant was dead. Therefore, we were in and out pretty fast. In fact, we were done a whole hour before the movie started! Not wanting to wait around for an hour...we decided to hit Blockbuster and rent a few movies. (Because, cuddling up and watching movies is so much better than sitting in a theater!) You picked a cute Christmas movie called "Fred Clause". I loved watching it with you! I loved having a girl's night with you (even though the boys joined us in our movie snuggle). You are such a sparkle in my life. Thank you for letting me spend the day (at your class party) and night with you. Thank you for being wonderful you. I love you!


Trisha said...

Oh my gosh!! I almost cried after reading this!! What a wonderful mom you are!! If I never have a girl, can I borrow your daughter to do a "girls night"? By the way, thank you to C for Preston's gift. That was very sweet! It was great visiting with you yesterday as always!!

keep calm and carry on said...

tears, tears , tears. i can't handle things like this at this emotional time of year.