Monday, December 29, 2008

A Glimpse of Christmas

Our Christmas was full of lots of love and smiles. Well, and some tears. I was (I don't know why) very emotional! I think it was a combination of Randi being gone, a little family stress, and....just the joys of the season! I was so emotional that I broke down in tears when my chocolate layered - peppermint cake fell apart!!! My dear younger brother, however, doubled over in laughter when he saw it! But, it tasted delish...right, Debbie?! I finished all of my gifts...pies, breads, aprons, and locally purchased homemade goods.
We exchanged gifts with my family on Christmas Eve.
Troy received a funny gift from my mom...
Papa made us these beautiful clocks - with lovely chimes...
Mr. C's family joined us for a tasty Mexican meal. It was yummy - thanks to the cooking talents of my mom and Mr. C.

Christmas morning Cade opened his eyes wondering if Santa had come...

and sure enough, he did!

He even brought him a kitchen. So, he can bake strawberry cupcakes!
Hope you had a cheery, merry Christmas too!

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anna said...

Oh! Looks like you had a very merry Christmas!! How cute for Cade to have his own little kitchen! Start 'em out young....his wife will LOVE you for it!