Tuesday, December 9, 2008

My New Favorite Spot

Ta-da! Other than a fabulous "Sex and the City" poster (Mr. C ordered for me) everything is in my new craft room...and I LOVE IT! I have a few things left to do...like decoupage the yellow table. By the way, I found that table at a garage sale for $30. We painted it and distressed it...and now I have a great work table.
Thank you Mr. C...I love you!


keep calm and carry on said...

love it!!! makes me want to get crafty!

Trisha said...

OMG! It is BEAUTIFUL!!!!! One day you will have to help me build a craft room! Are you so happy or what???

anna said...

What a fun space! Kendall would be all up in my business if I had a room like at in my house!