Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Snowy Fun

A few days ago we arrived to a snow filled heaven. Very, very snow filled heaven! We could not even get into our driveway - due to the four foot pile of snow. After Mr. C carried the kids in and brought me my snow boots...he had to go find the guy with the snow help us get in. Then, the dear man, shoveled snow for two days!
We've had a few days of warm sunshine...but, the snow is staying! The kids wake up every morning worried that the snow will be gone...I don't think it's going anywhere!
Snowmen have been built, snow fights have been played, and lots of hot chocolate has warmed our tummies! Yesterday, Mr. C and I snuck out for a few hours and went skiing. We love it! So much fun!!! The kids stayed back and played with the neighbors...thank you Dolores!
Today will be filled with sledding, cooking, waiting for the arrival of our friends (Rob and Misty), and preparing festivities to ring in the New Year!

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keep calm and carry on said...

so pretty! i want to go skiing soooo bad. miss you!