Friday, December 19, 2008

Some Christmas Treats

I've been collecting cans for a while and was finally able to use them! We gave these little cans, filled with treats, to all the kiddos in Cade's class. Last year, Mr. C drilled holes in my collection of cans - I made a wire handle - covered the wire with lots of tied ribbons - and sprayed the cans a festive red. They were cute...but a little more demanding of my time! Thanks to my dear friend (N), I am obsessed with banners! I made this one saying,"We Believe". (I's a little hard to see...sorry!)
And stockings. The top is made of vintage hankies (I love them like I love aprons). I embossed our names on the bottom and sprayed the stockings with a fabric glitter spray. Looks like I need one more to fill the "A"!


sixwinks said...

So did you get your letters at the same place as Nellie? I LOVE it!

keep calm and carry on said...

love it! looks like you've been busy!