Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Both of my kids love to read...and love going to the library. Which makes me...oh, so happy! Although we really enjoy the libraries near us...riding the light rail to the BIG library downtown is so much more fun!Randi is obviously more interested in finding her books than in me taking pictures of her!Not only did she find some books, but she finished this one before we got home.

And Cade is so proud of his selections.


Josie said...

I came to leave you a comment and almost saw the package!!! hahahaha lol haha- I hurried and diverted my eyes! Yours will be in the mail tomarro- I have had multiple problems, but it is finally ready!

Josie said...

ps- im doing a 5 favorate things swap on my blog, so go sign up if you are ready for another one!