Thursday, January 8, 2009

A Downtown Adventure

Not only did I get to ride the city's brand - sparkling new - light rail today, but I got to enjoy it with some of my favorite awesome brother (Troy), his sweet boy (Emerson), and my youngest darling (Cade). We had a mighty fine adventure! First, we met at Troy's where we caught a local (free) bus. We toured on that for a couple of downtown Tempe - Mill Avenue. Second, we strolled to the Metro Light Rail stop/station. (It sounds so cool, doesn't it? This is a first for us Zonies...very exciting!) Anyway, we purchased our all day passes for $2.50 (5 and younger are free) and waited for the rail (which comes by every 15 minutes). Before we knew it...there was a little whistle and there it was...coming down the tracks! The train was clean, comfortable, and surprisingly...full (again...very exciting)! The sights were pleasant. We even got to ride over Mill Ave. bridge (a highlight for Cade). We arrived in downtown Phoenix twenty minutes later. Right at the steps of Civic Plaza. Our final destination. This was a bright star of the day. You see, I had not yet seen the incredible artwork of my talented younger brother. Troy had designed the beautiful, artistic flooring of the new Phoenix Civic Plaza. Cool, huh?! The grand opening for the huge building was the weekend after Christmas...and I was up to my knees in snow. Therefore, I missed it. So, I got a quiet, private tour today. And, I must say, I was very impressed. After roaming the plaza and the surrounding grounds we headed back home. Making a backwards trek. The ride was so pleasant. Emerson, wide awake, had not made a peep the whole time and Cade was in heaven. And I...well, I couldn't be happier. I had my little brother by my side. We talked, laughed, and solved all the world that 20 minute ride.


Anonymous said...
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keep calm and carry on said...

oh my gosh! that is AWESOME for Troy! so cool!!!!! i have not posted our light rail adventures yet. glad you are home!!!

Trisha said...

The pictures with your brother and Cade are SO precious!!