Tuesday, January 20, 2009

If you have read my blog, you are probably aware of the excitement I am feeling today. The day our 44th president is sworn into office. I have watched the last several inaugurations and regardless of who is being sworn in, I love the symbolism...the history...and the knowledge of knowing I am able to witness the event. My arms are usually covered in goosebumps and my eyes may get a little misty (surprise, surprise). The whole process...the show...makes me proud to be living in this country. However, today is not just any inauguration. Not only has he made history by becoming our first African American president, but I believe he will make some positive changes. I believe he is a good man with a good heart and the entire world is celebrating him today.
As I was waiting for the bus with Randi this morning, she began asking me about the events of the day. She was very concerned that her teacher would not let them watch the festivities. As the bus pulled up she yelled out to me, "please record the inauguration for me - I don't want to miss it!"
Speaking of Randi...as we were driving home yesterday she asked me some interesting questions. The child had a lot on her mind. She first expressed her concern for the new president. She was a little worried having a new president. She wasn't sure what changes he would make. When I asked her what she meant she replied:
Randi: Well, I heard he would make it legal for women to have their babies cut out of them if they don't want them.
Me: Gasp!
Randi: and I heard that he would make it OK for gay marriages.
Me: double gasp!
Thus began my first, in-depth conversation (with my 8 year old daughter) about abortion and equal rights.
As you are probably already aware, my views are pretty liberal. Therefore, I had to tread lightly. Meaning, I couldn't shout, "what ignorant person did you hear this nonsense from?!" I refrained and handled it well. I made sure she understood where I was coming from (and that I was right)...but, we all have different views and opinions...and that's OK. Most importantly, I wanted her to know that we are all created equal and we cannot judge others...it just doesn't make sense. And, it doesn't work. It is not productive. I also explained to her that President Obama cannot just waltz in and change a bunch of laws (although, I wish he could). There are a lot of people in Washington, not to mention us, the voters, who assist in lawmaking.
In conclusion (from this longer than I anticipated post), I wish President Obama all of the best. I hope we can all stand behind him. I also extend my gratitude to President Bush. While I watched his last press conference last week, I felt he had done his job. Do I agree with him? No, but he has done a job that most of us could not begin to fathom doing. In his last conference, he was witty, sincere, and from the heart...and probably gave a big sigh of relief when it was all over.
And to my daughter, I hope she always has an open mind and heart. And always asks questions.

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The Bookout Family said...

YOu know Jayden could probably help her with the equal rights and that is OK to have two Mom's... Of course I am sure you did and AWESOME job of putting it in 8 y/o terms. I am so excited for change!!!!