Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Leprechaun Soup

I lied. I told my kids that little Leprechauns snuck into the kitchen and turned my soup GREEN. I thought that this little white lie might persuade them to eat the green soup I ACCIDENTALLY made. It didn't work.
Not to toot my own horn, but I'm really a pretty good cook. I have friends that can testify to this. Right? (Please vouch for me, now.) I know the last two pictures of cooking have not exemplified this...but, truly...I am. However, tonight I was experimenting. Not only was I trying out something new...but, the kids were completely in my space. Playing a game right at my feet while I was cooking. That is my excuse anyway...for my halibut chowder turning GREEN. This delicious chowder was supposed to be a nice, creamy, white soup. It tasted OK. But, even I couldn't finish it. The spinach infused soup was just too much!


The Bookout Family said...

I testify that you are an Amazing cook. But an even better baker. My favorite is your Buttermilk Pie!!!!!

keep calm and carry on said...

you are the BEST cook!