Thursday, January 15, 2009

Morning Glory

It's a beautiful day. These are the kind of day when we Phoenix area residents are skipping around the Valley...donning smiles and sunglasses...soaking up the 72 degree weather!
My day (although not over yet) has been happy. It started at 5:30 when I forced myself out of bed. It was still dark and cold. But, I knew I would feel great if I got my run in....bright and early. And, I was right. Perfect way to start the day.
After getting Randi off, Cade and I got dressed and headed out to meet Debbie and Emerson for one of my favorite places in the world! The Farm at South Mountain is a beautiful working farm - in the middle of the city. It is so tranquil and forget where you are. There are three different restaurants on the property. This morning we dined at the breakfast nook, appropriately called "Morning Glory Cafe". And, as always, it was superb. The food and atmosphere, along with the fabulous company, put my soul on the right track for the day! Thank you, Debbie for a wonderful morning!
After breakfast, Emerson was ready for a, we said our goodbyes to Debbie and that sweet baby and walked around the gardens. Cade loved looking at the roosters and chickens. There was also an exhibit going on where an artist had pulled knitters together and made these "wraps" around all of the trees. It was so colorful! Plus, one of the trees had pockets knitted - all over it. It was the wishing tree! Cade and I filled out little "wish" cards and placed them in a pocket. I would tell you our wishes...but, then they may not come true!
I only wish I had brought my camera!

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Trisha said...

I have been hearing about that place for YEARS!! I'm dying to go there. And early morning run??? I want to hate you but I just can't! Your too sweet! I'll just be jealous instead! (As I sit here at 11:53 at night eating left over dessert from tonight! ;-)