Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Presidential Conversations...with Cade

Yes. Tears did stream down my face and although Cade and I were the only ones here, I clapped and cheered. It didn't take long for Cade to join in the celebration. With questions, of course.
Cade: Which one is our new president???
Me: Just watch. You will see him.
Cade: Oh. There he is. Is that him?
Me: (with great excitement) Yes! There he is!
Cade: Is he just the president of right here (making a circle with his arms...as to encompass his world)?
Me: No. He is the President of the WHOLE country...The United States of America!
Cade: Oh. Will he protect us?
Me: Yes.
Cade: Like baby Jesus does? Because He protects us.
Me: Ummm...yes, like baby Jesus.
Cade: Will he protect us from T-Rex(s)?
(I should have never allowed him to watch Jurassic Park)
Me: Yes. He will make sure there are no T-Rex(s).
Then as I reached for the phone to call my mom he said...
Cade: (with great excitement) Are you CALLING the President???
Me: No. I'm calling Mimi. But, she's kind of like the president.

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