Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Another Year to Celebrate

Happy Birthday Mr. C!
I love you for a million reasons. This adventure (we call life) is full of kisses and smiles because of you...and I am forever thankful.
I love...
  • that you are a creature of habit. i know exactly what you are doing in the mornings...in the kitchen, in the shower...without even seeing you.
  • that you always bring me flowers when you go to the grocery store...and that you like going to the grocery store.
  • that you do the crossword puzzles in the paper.
  • that you are an amazing chef...and cook extra things (like tuna steak) just for me.
  • your beautiful blue eyes.
  • your confidence.
  • your ability to say your sorry.
  • your strong hands.
  • that you feel (as i do) that everything has it's place.
  • that you love all kinds of music and movies...and that you know EVERY musical group from 1950 to present.
  • that you are an amazing, loving, generous father...you get down on the floor and play trucks or help with homework.
  • that you are a true-blue friend.
  • that you are an incredible, loving husband...who treats me like a queen.

thank you...i love you more than anything.

happy birthday.


Trisha said...

Happy Birthday Mr. C!

denise kimball said...
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denise kimball said...

Happy Birthday Booby my baby bruddah !
Here's a "bit" of your actual "Birth Day" history!

Some of the names have been changed to protect the truly guilty.

On the day you were born, grandpa and grandma Callhim were watching me, Denephew, (6yrs.) and our udder brudder.Bike (5yrs.)

(I actually remember grandma going through our fridge saying something like "I wish your mom would fix Jose what he likes to eat, he's getting sooooo thin."

And gramps looking over our backyard fence to see if the neighborhood tranny was gearing up for his nightly run :)

side note: Hey lil C, Tranny means Train Conductor in California speak. (wink wink)

Back to the story...
Remember, waaaaaaaaaaay back then, the gender of the baby was a mystery until the actual birth....so you were lovingly known as "the baby" until Feb 3rd.

So, Grams and Gramps are over our house and it was a matter of minutes until mom & pop pulled up to our lil house with you in tow.

I had put on my favorite "tulip" dress, patten leather shoes and a ribbon in my hair...and Grams let me put on her lipstick.
Avon's "Ringing Red?" ....it was a wicked red and super creamy.
I had to pull off a "mommy" look to fake you out, I guess?

I sat and waited on our back porch, under the rubber tree...and watched the driveway like a troubled mother bear.
I could hardly contain myself..
And then......You finally came home.

After everyone had settled down, I continued to beg to hold you, "Not right now." or "Be patient Denephew."
I continued to beg...and I continued to be denied.

Mom finally said....
"We just got home, give me a while to get him used to the noise and people."

I just wanted to rock you while HOOOOOLDING you?! What was sooooo hard to understand? I wasn't being loud, and I certainly wasn't "people!?"

So, in anticipation, I'd run in and put more lipstick on.
Getting read for the big "HOLD."

As the day closed, and I hadn't held you yet, I was told to go get ready for bed. (My heart sank)

While making my way to change out of my "holding dress," and into my "holding jammies." mom told me that they wouldn't let me hold you that day, because you were just, "To new," and you ended up being "One of the biggest newborns they'd ever seen!"

I ran to my bed crying, "he's MY baby too!!" throwing myself into my bedding smothering my face into my pillows, aaaaand yes, getting that Ringing Red lipstick all over my pillows, face, hair & hands. I had made a huge mess..

Which made me cry harder, you started cryin, and mom shed some tears while cleaning me and my bedding up. She put me under the clean sheets, and marched out.

I sobbed as softly as I could.
And then, my(forgotten)shy & quiet other lil baby brother, Bike got into bed with me and comforted me. Sweet Bike. I honestly felt BETTER!

Needless to say, I held, fed and rocked you the next day.

Mom said, she was worried that you'd never learn to walk cause I carried you everywhere.

That worry was put to rest when "Booby Callhim Thrill Seeker" showed up and the swift right foot of yours left indentations on our shins.

Moral of the story?
The love of a Baby Brother remains the same, no matter how BIG they start out, or grow up to be.

I thank God for both my baby bro's. You each bring a full perspective of what life should be, that is as unique as the both of you are. It's been fun watching you grow up ;)
And if I haven't mentioned it in awhile....I'm very proud of you too!

And Mindy, maybe that's where his aversion to red lipstick began? I probably looked like a maniac clown?! So sorry!!

Happy Birthday Booby.

Kierstin Bridger said...

AHHHHHH! I'm not the only one who sounds head over heels in love with my husband!
You both sound lovely!