Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Friends, Vino, and Sparkly Candles

Last night we celebrated Mr. C's birthday with our dear friends Rob and Misty. They made the long trek to our home...and we are so glad they did!
Lots of wine was consumed...I consumed a little too much.
We all dove into this yummy cake - after the birthday boy made his wishes. (Yes, that is a bite missing from the cake. Yes, I took that bite...well, the chef had to sample.)
Hhhmmm...I believe I placed those candles strategically...all over the cake...after multiple glasses of vino.
And, yes, we ate a lot of cake. And we ate all of this cake after stuffing ourselves with an amazing meal - prepared by my personal chef...the birthday boy himself! Happy birthday my love!


keep calm and carry on said...

ooooh! i love the letters! i want some of that cake big time!happy birthday brother collum!

sixwinks said...