Sunday, February 15, 2009

A Glimpse of My Sunday

Mr. C had to drive out of town for the day. Randi is with her dad. That left me and entertain ourselves. After a little discussion about getting dressed and going to church (I was not winning this one), we made an executive decision. We would stay in our jammies. We would read, watch TV and snuggle. So, the first half of my day was spent lounging. Catching up on catalogs, magazines, and dreaming of sundresses and sandals.
After a while, my little side-kick got restless. He decided to make a construction site and I decided to scrub my floors. Why? I'm not sure. I guess I had a moment of spring cleaning fever. I was a regular old Cinderella. On my hands and knees. Scrubbing the tile and base boards. Half way through I almost quit (I became bored with the whole thing). But, I persevered and now I have sparkly, clean floors!
And, just like Prince Charming will be home soon. Hhmmmm.....whip up a home-made meal or take-out?

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McClain family said...

Mindy I really enjoyed your blog! I hope that this will be a fun way for me to keep in touch with "ya'll"! You are an amazing woman! I have always looked up to you. Keep up the good work:)Jared and Jarelyn are counting on you! ttfn-Judy