Thursday, February 19, 2009

Happy Birthday to...ME

32 years ago...I celebrated with a Dorothy Hamill cut and lots of red... 20 years ago...I celebrated with those precious car keys (that is what I am proudly holding in my hand)... 15 years ago...I celebrated with some bubbly, more red, and lots of hair... And today I will celebrate with my dear friends and family. I can't believe I am that much closer to 40. But, I wouldn't change a thing...and I wouldn't go back. I've loved every minute and I look forward to the next. A big kiss and hug to my mom. Thank you for having me so many moons ago. (Back then, one didn't know what gender your baby was. But, my mom has said she knew she was having a girl and she would be named Mindy. In fact, the day she went into labor, she went home - put a pink bow in her hair - got all dolled up, and headed to the hospital.) She has given me this beautiful life. And to my fabulous husband, darling kids and wonderful family and friends...thank you for continuing to make my life so full. Happy birthday to me.


rich moody said...

Of all my sisters you are my favorite one. I love you, lil' sis. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Trisha said...

Happy Birthday Mindy!!! You are so wonderful and deserve the best birthday ever! Let's go out and celebrate next week! I feel so lucky to have you as a friend and can't wait to get to know you even better!
I love you!!

Deb and Emerson said...

Happy Birthday Mindy! We LOVE having you as a sister and aunt! We hope that you have an extra sweet day and we look forward to celebrating with you tomorrow. Cheers! Love, Deb and Emerson

sixwinks said...


Celebrate well!

anna said...

Happy Birthday, Mindy!! Hope it was fabulous!!

Love ya!

McClain family said...

Happy Birthday! sorry it's late... I told Nana I was going to send you birthday wishes, but took another trip to the camper and totally forgot! That's why I celebrate for a week:) ttfn Judy

denise kimball said...

Happy (very) belated birthday!
Deserved Happiness and Continued Crafty Cleverness!

Seems there's nothing better than sitting back and looking at what you've created.

The snapshot of your last year is truly something to behold ain't it?

You've made another year, bigger, better and a lot more precious for many!
Happy 353 more days until your next BIG day!

denise kimball said...
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