Friday, February 27, 2009

If you live in the area...

Come see me!
It should be a perfect day for a little shopping...
The Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Consignment and Boutique Sale is tomorrow from 7am-2pm.
2121 Rural Rd., Tempe

I will be there with my aprons and wall I will have

beautiful glass frames and bowls from my very talented brother.


sixwinks said...

What! You make stuff to sell! I wanna see more pictures! That is so cute! Are they wall hangings? APRONS! You r so talented and creative! Good Luck today!

denise kimball said...

Omgsh! That apron is ADORABLE!!
So are the wall hangings Mindy!!
Seriously've GOT to sell your sweet things in the Cafe's Boutique!

I've got another wall torn apart as I write this and shelving is being created for that area too!

You are sooooooooooo blessed & FORTUNATE to be able to spend time at home! (Good Going Mr.C!)

thanks for the email and thank you note, we'll "cut" very soon..promise.
I hired my own "Mindie" last week!
Couldn't get the real deal, so settled for near second best!