Friday, February 20, 2009

In Good Company

Yesterday (my birthday), my dear "sisters" spoiled me. They wined and dined me at this darling restaurant. It was wonderful....the food, the cocktails, and especially - the company.
N even surprised me with this cute, vintage banner.
She hung it behind our table - before I came in. So cute!
I was all smiles. All day.
And there were gifts too.
C gave me this cute "M" necklace...and N gave me this darling pink flower necklace. Ironically, they were both going to get me the "M" necklace...but, C bought the last one!
This place is super cute. I want to make these little ceiling pom-poms. After a leisurely lunch, we popped into an antique shop...then our "driver" decided we needed a martini from this hip place. was delish. Plus, they had a bottle of wine with my littlest sunshine's name on it. I wanted a case of them...but,not for $224 a bottle!
It was such a fabulous day! We felt like we were on a little, spontaneous vacation.
N and C...I can't thank you enough. It was perfect!

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