Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My Little Betty Crocker

Over the last week (or so), Randi has asked (numerous times) if she may cook something out of her new cookbook. I know. Very cute and sweet. However, she would get these great revelations at about 5 o'clock in the evening...when lots of food has already been prepared. Therefore, I would say no. She would get upset. Finally, I sat down with her and explained that she needed to prepare. Think things through. Find the recipes she wants to try and make a grocery list. And then, pick a night to feed us.

A few nights ago it came to fruition. After happily fulfilling the required tasks, she donned her apron and whipped up a yummy meal for us. Her menu:

  • Unicorn Calzones
  • Magic Fruit Wands

Making the Fruit Wands...

    As you can see, Cade was a huge help...
    The delicious calzones...

The proud chef had us walk into the kitchen with our eyes closed. We arrived to a nicely set table (with name plates), lovely background music, and a tasty meal. It was a perfect evening.

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denise kimball said...

WOW...what a cook book! It should be in every Mimi wannabe kitchen...(and maybe Aunt Nisee's too?)
So glad she's getting to enjoy it!