Monday, February 9, 2009

Rainy Days and Mondays

I feel like the Carpenter song today... It's cold and drizzly. It's Monday morning. I just want to snuggle in bed all day. And watch movies. And eat popcorn with M & Ms. But... I must rally. Too much to do!
  • I must get sewing. I have lots of aprons to sell in an upcoming boutique...that my dear Sister W asked me to participate in.
  • Valentines are in need of making.
  • I'm scheduled to donate blood today. (I canceled the last two appointments. I guess I better go.)
  • Run my little munchkins around.
  • Teach a class this afternoon.
  • Post my weekend activities...(dinner was cooked for me by little hands and I have a love story to tell.)

So, I guess I will get going. I think I see some sunshine peeking out from the clouds...

PS - The above picture was taken by me...while I was sitting under an a cafe...sipping red wine...with the love of my Florence.


Trisha said...

What an awesome picture!!!

keep calm and carry on said...

LOVE the picture. that is awesome. can't wait to see your goodies!!