Monday, February 9, 2009

When A Stranger Makes Your Day

Maybe it's my mood. The day. The month. I don't know. But, tonight a total stranger fluffed my ego and made me feel so good! Bare with me... I'm an aerobics instructor...going on seven years now. A little over a year ago I gave up my regular schedule and now, am simply a sub. As much as I enjoy having my daily freedom back, I can't give it up completely. I truly love it. I teach because:
  • I love teaching/performing (because you are performing).
  • I really enjoy exercise.
  • It's always a happy place. People are generally happy to be there...and feel good afterwards.
  • The challenge
  • And, because I like the ego boost. (That is a valid reason...and I know I am not alone on this one.)

Anyway, I was subbing a class today at 4:30. I came flying in...late. (Because, I'm always late.) The class was full. I had over 20 people waiting. Watching me as I scurried around, trying to get things set up. Now, I also gave blood earlier today. Just before class, I had taken the bandage off. I'm a pretty regular donor and have never had any problems. Until now...that is. As I was carry equipment to the front of the room...I looked down...and screamed into my microphone. Blood was dripping down my arm. Lots of it. After politely excusing myself, I exited to the locker rooms and washed up. When I returned, a nice participant had a band-aid for me. Now, I'm even more late. These people do not know me. They have no idea what kind of instructor I am. And they saw my arm explode with blood. (OK - I'm exaggerating a bit. But, I was mortified.) I was sweating before class even started.

Class went fine from there on out. My adrenaline was fired up. I may not be able to move tomorrow...due to this fact.

After class I had pleasant comments. "Good class." "Thanks for subbing." But, lady came up to me and filled my head with so many glorious things! I gave her a great big hug and told her she had made my day! She could have easily gone on without saying a word to me. Simply gone home to her significant other. Told him/her about the awesome class she had just taken. (wink, wink) But, she didn't. SHE TOLD ME!

By the time I left, my head was so big. I'm surprised I made it out the door. But, you know what? It felt good. So, thank you total stranger. I will pay it forward.

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Trisha said...

How sweet!! It's funny how comments can make/brake one's day! I bet you are an awesome instructor!!!