Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A Declaration

Forever 21...I am not.
I recently made my 3rd trip (in one year) to this large, warehouse style store.
Known for it's extremely low prices, it seems to draw all ages of shoppers...
from all walks of life...even celebrities.
My first visit, I happily found several cute sundresses. My second trip (a few months ago), I thought I had found some fun things. However, Cade was my shopping partner for the day...therefore, I was unable to try things on and was shopping....quickly. I grabbed some things I thought would work. Paid. Cheerfully walked out of the store. All was good until I tried everything on in the comfort of my home. There was only one item I would keep. Everything else must go back. The next day I headed back. Not to shop. Just returning. But, low and behold...this metropolis does not accept returns. Credit only. Ugh. Meaning, I would have to struggle through this shopping experience again. I decided to wait a few months. Wait until the cute spring dresses are crammed onto the racks.
Last Friday, I decided to tackle the mega store one more time. This time I was prepared. I was childless. Able and willing to try everything on (in the store). And, I had enough time to make sure I would spend every penny of that credit.
Upon entering the store I am overwhelmed. Focus Mindy, focus. I start wading through the racks and before long I have a pile of clothes draped over my arms. A large pile. It is becoming difficult to maneuver. Oddly, as sales associates see me they just smile. Nobody offers to start a dressing room for me. (Note to self: not only do they not accept returns, they lack in customer service.) As I make my way to the dressing room I notice something strange. There is a line. A BIG line. You have got to be kidding me?! Not wanting to stand in that line more than once, I quickly scan the store one more time...making sure I have everything I want.
I finally get a room. Aahhh....relief for my arms. But, that bottle of water I drank on the way is starting to take it's effect. I must work quickly.
Finally, I have found enough things that fit...that add up to my credit amount. As I make my way to the cashier I see one more cute thing. Should I even risk it? I'm not waiting for another dressing room. Would anybody notice if I just stripped down and tried it on here? In the middle of the store? I guess I could tuck into a corner. No, no. It's only $10. If I get home and it doesn't fit...I will eat the $10. OK. Done. Treasures in hand, I approach the payment area. Shocker. There is another LINE. I wait. And wait. When it's my turn, I comment to the young male fashionista who is ringing me up that "they sure are busy today." He replies, "well, it is Friday. Everyone is in here getting their 'going out clothes' for the weekend". Ahhh, yes. That's right. What was I thinking? I mean, my Friday night plans were pretty hot. I would be attending a hip birthday party. For five year olds. At McDonald's.
Now, I'm not complaining. I've been there. And, have no desire to go back. But, since I've been there...and I'm now here...I must make this declaration:
I will shop according to my age. I will dress according to my age. That means the short shorts will go into retirement and I will not shop at stores that are inundated with "club scene" clothes and "club going" shoppers.
And, as much I appreciate having someone wait on me...starting a dressing room for me...I also appreciate a low-end price tag. Therefore, when doing my bargain shopping, I will stick with TJ Maxx and Ross...at least there I get a shopping cart.
Another declaration...
maybe I misused the word "sexy" when describing Bill Maher...maybe I should say he is among my top 5 most interesting men...
Others on that list are:
Anderson Cooper, Matt Lauer, Denzel Washington...
Matthew McConaughey
Of course, Mr. C is at the top of that list. I am very lucky. He has the beauty and the brains.

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Trisha said...

OMG! This is too funny! I have had same experiences there myself. When Jamie and I took Julia to Vegas I figured that it would be the best place to go. It was not. It was overwhelming. It was one line after another. I left there with a headache and seconds to an anxiety attack. I will declare myself out of that store right with ya. Ross and TJMaxx, here we come! XOXOXO