Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Good Choices

My last 24 hours have consisted of some good choices...and some not so good choices. Yesterday, my soul was in a funk. Not sure why...just not feeling up to par. Struggled with my morning run. Did not want to do get dressed or go anywhere...pretty much wanted to do nothing. But, I did get dressed and I did keep my hair appointment. An appointment where the ever faithful Rick covered my sprouting grays. This was a GOOD choice. By that afternoon (after talking to my dear "sisters"), my spirits were a little better. Mr. C came by and took Cade with him to run a few errands. So, I decided to walk to the school to pick up Randi. I would take her scooter. She would love it. And I would enjoy the beautiful weather. This would turn out to be a not so good choice. She had a student council meeting after school and, therefore, would get out late. As I approached the school, my cell phone rang. A strange (but nice man) man was on the other end. He told me who he was and that he was with Randi who was "freaking out" outside of our house. She got on the phone with me. "Mommy! Where are you?" "Ummm, Randi, what about student council?" "Oh, I forgot." I told her to wait for me and I would head home. I started speed walking. Thoughts were swimming in my head. I started running. More thoughts. I started sprinting. By the time I saw her sweet face...I thought my lungs were going to explode. (Keep in my mind...I'm sprinting while carrying her scooter.) This morning I taught a class - good choice. When Cade and I returned home, I began unloading the car. Cade disappeared to the front yard. I finally turned towards the front sidewalk just as our neighbor's mother (who is visiting from out of the country) was strolling down the walkway. She wouldn't even look at me. She was focused straight ahead. I slowly turned my head to the side...and I realized why she would not look this way. There was my child. Pants down. With his little peter out. Peeing on the flowers. Teaching my child to pee outside...not a good choice. When it was time to head to school, I decided to walk Cade to school and then pick up Randi (with her scooter) and walk back home. Good choice. By doing so I....
  • saved some gas: a little
  • helped the environment: a little more
  • burned more calories than sitting in my car: a lot more
  • enjoyed the extra time with my little sugarboos: tons more


Trisha said...

Ok, so I'm sorry. Is that SUCH a boy thing or what???? Anyway, you sure did make some good choices and your hair looked great by the way! I meant to tell you that. XOXOXOXO

keep calm and carry on said...

haha!!!! love cade!!!