Friday, March 20, 2009

Kudos, Mr. President

It was a good week.
Not only did he berate the selfish idiots of AIG...but he also signed the UN declaration -decriminalisation of homosexuality (Bush refused to sign this)...
and he appeared on the Jay Leno show (the first president to do so). He was funny, intelligent, and spoke from the heart. (However, he made one poor comment regarding Special Olympics. But, he called and apologized to the president of the organization before the show even aired.)
Plus, how cool is he to give out the Shaka sign...hang loose...
Happy Friday!


The Bookout Family said...

And better yet... He will be speaking at the ASU graduation!!! How great is that. Checks is going to try and get me a ticket, I think it would be the highlight of my year!!!

denise kimball said...

Hey? Didn't I leave you a "Happy Happy Joy Joy" About the exact same ASU Grad Speach?!
I "think" I can get you in if you're up for it?! Did you get that info?