Sunday, March 1, 2009

New Adventures

Yesterday was a success. Not because there were tons of people at the boutique. In fact, it was quite small. But, it made me get some things done and gave me a little self confidence to do some more. I sold some things and had enough interest that I have decided to
open an etsy shop. Yahoo!
My booth was between this great lady and this great lady.
They were so helpful and encouraging. Plus, they were loads of fun!
Now...the name game. If I'm really going to do this - I need a name. Therefore, I have been racking my brain. And so has Troy. And Mr. C. And the rest of my family. Every name I came up with - Troy would google. They were all - already taken. I've been playing with various names (hence, the name change on the blog - not sure if that's doing it for me).
But, I think I have it and I will unveil it soon.
The weekend was nice and busy..but, I have yet to post about my darling Marie Antoinette and the fabulous thing we did today. Hint: that wonderful garden Mr. C built for me a few months no longer empty! Hip Hip Hooray!
Life is good. Much happiness...


sixwinks said...

I just went to her website and bought the Grace t-shirt! was Nellie there?

Trisha said...

I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOO upset that I didn't make there!!! We had to be in Peoria at that space place at 10 and I tried so hard to try and squeeze heading to Tempe before we had to leave and just didn't make it. I am SO thrilled about your etsy shop!! I will be a frequent customer I'm sure!! Much love!!