Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Never Say Never

A boob story... I did not grow any until after high school. After that, they just kind of sprang up....late bloomers I guess. But, they grew to a nice, natural size for my frame. Life went on...college, jobs, marriage, baby, divorce, another marriage, another baby...and those babies wrecked the nice hills I had grown in my adulthood. I decreased a cup size after Randi. But, they were still good. No complaints. And then there was Cade. After him, those lovelies ceased to exist. I swore I would never, ever get a boob job. Ever. I would mock...even look down upon those women I would see with big ol' fake ones. "I would never do that to my body", I would quickly announce. Well, guess what? Never say never. I had implants four years ago. And, I love them. Now, let me tell you why, exactly, I did this... My body is odd. My pregnancies are easy and I gain little weight. However, I produce abnormal amounts of milk. (My own doctor called me a dairy.) The NICU nurses (Cade was there for a while. That's a whole different story.) had to turn me away - because his fridge space was full...and so was my freezer at home. Now, with my boobs becoming gargantuan with milk...my body would shrink down to a smaller size than (it was) before my pregnancies. So, when the milk dried up - I was left with TONS of loose skin...in place of boobs. Lovely, huh? So, a few months after I had Cade I did the unthinkable. I found a plastic surgeon. She just filled up all of that loose skin. Voila! Why am I telling you this story? Because, I just returned from a visit with that wonderful doctor. She removed a cyst. A cyst that was no harm to me...but, was getting bigger and bigger. And it just so happened to be near my boob. (I almost had a third boob going.) She was able to remove it without leaving a big scar....or worse...popping my implant. Yikes! Anyway, while I was there I was thinking about the whole breast augmentation thing and decided to write about it. It's nothing I'm ashamed of. I'm glad I did it. And, it's part of me and my history. So, there you have it. A boob story and a lesson learned...never say never. Now, I must go place frozen peas on my boob...the numbness is wearing off... A side note: the cyst had nothing to do with the implants...it just happened to grow there. they can form anywhere...your face, back, legs, etc. mr. c went with me and refused to watch...that is until she got it out. and then he was quite amazed at the size. it looked like a marble. holy moly!


Trisha said...

LOVE IT!! Although I had mine done pre-kids, I still have not ONCE regretted it!! Thank you for your post and I'm glad you had the cyst removed!! Not fun!!

McClain family said...

Funny the things that come up in a blog:) I guess "we all have our reasons" Never say never is something life will teach you over and over if you dont learn it early on! It is ironic how much I am getting to know you again! I have great memories from our childhood and more from when you were at EAC:) but this has been so fun to re-connect and to really be able to "see" you more. I am so glad you are my cousin, I love you and admire you more than you know. One of my greatest hopes has been that Jarelyn and I will have the great friendship I have watched you and your mom share. And that you are passing on to your own sweeties. Thanks for making my day a little brighter with your never say never outlook! Im living through another one:) hugs-Judy