Monday, March 2, 2009

Proud Moments

Last week, Randi was transformed into Marie Antoinette. She was to do a presentation on a biography (of her choice)...and she chose the Diary of Marie Antoinette.
She was darling. Spoke clearly...with expression...and knew her stuff. The borrowed costume was perfect. (A big thanks to a friend of mine for borrowing it from another mom.) Before I found it, I told Randi I would make her a simple black dress and we could make a "prisoner" sign to wear around her neck. She could be dressed the way the infamous queen was before they shouted "off with her head"! Randi was not too keen on that idea.
I am so proud of my sweet girl. For many reasons. I had her parent/teacher conference the other day...and, as was glowing. She is above average in each of her academics and (more importantly), her teacher said she was a strong leader, a positive role model, and "just a great kid". My heart was singing.
While driving home from the conference, my mind was swirling with all the wonderful things her teacher said. I was feeling proud of her...and of myself. But, I can't take all of the credit for her behavior. I would like to...but, can't. First of all, she is her own person. Therefore, she gets most of the credit. Secondly, Randi has so much family around her. Family that adores her. I owe credit to Mr. C...for being an awesome, caring second dad to her. I owe credit to her dad...for being a great, caring, and involved dad. And to his sweet wife...for being a wonderful, caring second mom to her. Not to mention her Mimi and Papa, Nana and Doc, Nana and Papa, uncle Troy and Aunt Debbie, and all of her aunts and uncles and family. They are all truly involved in her life. They support her...they love her...and they are good examples to her.
I am so grateful that she is so well adjusted and thriving in life. My heart would be broken if she was hurting for choices I made.
Thank you, to all of you, for the positive world that is brought into her life.


sixwinks said...

you r so nice to your ex and his wife, that shows what an awesome person you are! She is beautiful AND an all around great kid! Great job Mindy!

Trisha said...

I almost cried reading this!! Go Randi!!! XOXOXO